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March 5, 2007


With so many beer bars in Brussels to choose from there are going to be plenty of people who say “Why did you choose this one?” It doesn’t look so great with big heavy velvet curtains concealing most of the view into the bar. Once inside it is just like a really big hall with wooden tables and quite brightly lit. At some table people play chess. Apparently Magritte used to play chess here though.

I walked past this place a few times and always wanted to go in. I don’t believe that the beer menu is exceptional or anything like that – though like in ALL Belgian places you still get the fancy glasses. There are all kinds of people just hanging out. The coffee is good, the beer is cheap and no music. It is just a nice place to hang out in.

I went there with three American friends, one of whom spoke French with a great American accent. As he ordered beer in French the waitress asked [with the most screwed up look of agony on her face] if he was American. My friend said how he is from LA. Then the waitress went on to tell us she visited the States regularly and could speak English. Actually looking back I can’t remember how much of the conversation was French or English – I think it was a mix of Franglaise.

Anyway – this place has an amazing secret – the most beautiful old toilets I ever saw! At the back of the hall is the door which leads down to this lovely space. The stairs are all old marble and worn down where each person has trod. The tiling is old and broken but really I found it so old and pretty. Above the stairs was the biggest cobweb I ever saw too. The cubicles were tiny and I had to stoop to stand inside.

While in Brussels, when you get sick of all the frites and Trappist ales and blah blah and just want to go for a drink and a talk, go here. And remember to take a pee!

GREENWICH BAR Kartuizersstraat / Rue Des Chartreux 7, Brussels, 1000 Belgium
Tel: +32 (0)25 11 41 67

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