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November 28, 2007


Last night I went around to Cardinals armed with Migros Rosti and 2 MASSIVE pork swords of Swiss Olma Bratwurst.

You will not believe HOW HYPED we are to be going to Hamburg that we even eat Swiss food to pretend to be German. Cardinal is even luckier though – she is off to Munich for a couple of days earlier!

And here we are totally vibing. I brought one of my vintage souvenier scarves along to help the spirit.

Our first hurdle… Cardinal realised that the jar of sauerkraut she has in the back of her cupboard for yonks is almost impossible to open. I send her over the road to the pub she never visits to ask one of the fella’s in there. Apparently, it wasn’t until a woman offered that the jar was actually opened but she had to bang it on the floor first.

Our dinner. I was so stuffed after we ate it. Sorry to all the nations we may have offended to make that meal but we had a GREEEAAAATTT time!!

xx Lektrogirl

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