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December 16, 2007


My plane to Australia got cancelled! H.M.L. !!! But we all have to stay in a Premier Inn til tomorrow for the next flight. Roxy said I can try and lengthen my trip if need be. So ace. Then I was at the buffet trying to gag down some food. It was really fucking bad. Manara already challenged me to take great pics for my flickr but ones of my minge don’t count.

So I took one of hers instead. In the middle of me seafood rice was a screwed up tight little furry mussel I pulled out and started snapping with my camera. These two Asian dudes in plastic gloves and messy aprons came over asking me if everything was okay and if there was a problem with my food. I looked at them like they were retards and said “Have you guys heard of flickr? I’m on holiday” They apologised and left me but kept staring. I couldn’t eat any more. The food was revolting. So i went up to them and showed them the picture and said “don’t worry guys, this is for my friend Sara. I’m sending it to her cause it looks like her minge.” The Chinese Asian knew what I meant. The Indian one didn’t. LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

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