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February 18, 2008


I have a nose full of dust and hands that feel dry. I have been going through cupboards and boxes going through things that are up to 18 years old. Best of tapes from 1990 and compilations that my sister and I made with the most ridiculous names: Beak Beats, Beats Up The Arse Loud and Strong, Love the N*****. Even more shocking that the last name of our compilations, there are even old tapes of Richard H. Kirk CD’s I had/have[?], Autechre, Aphex Twin – all the old IDM for listening to on a Walkman. How hideous.

It has been so great though going through everything getting rid of stuff from people who don’t belong here. Memories that are too old to be bothered with. Some hilarious stuff!

I found a letter from Noodles about his drunken antics. I’ll never throw that out. He goes on about someone who is into steam engines. I cried laughing. And being so drunk, falling over in a new lemon Fred Perry sweater. That wasn’t the first or last time for Nicky Noo Noo I’m sure!! OH GOD!! I just remember the time Noodles came over to Monsieur Raides and got so drunk together I puked noodles in the bath for HOURS and Monsieur Raide’s and Noodles ran out to Commerical Road with their trousers off together to flash at the cars. Or something. I was too wasted to really remember what went on. I can just remember having to lock Noodles out of the bathroom cause I was sure he was going to molest me.

There was heaps of old “Lektrogirl” ephemera. Songs on cassette tapes, notations about sequences, double density diskettes.

Back then, my boyfriend was Monsieur Raide. And Brains thinks he had a hard time…

Monsieur Raide told me that he had some ‘thing’ with a girl at Pizza Express. I sent Monsieur Raide a message on a sheet of A1 drawing paper with the address and telephone number of every Pizza Express in London. I told him that if he was gonna mess around with a girl from Pizza Express I was gonna go find her and give her a piece of my mind. Though I wouldn’t really know what happened there.

Monsieur Raide gave me a very nice typewriter that I still have in my cupboard. I would never throw that out. After he gave it to me I did another picture, this time about the typewriter.

I considered it lucky after some of the things I had been through and I used that typewriter a lot.

After while in my life, I didn’t write or draw or make music or paint or anything. I don’t know what happened.

I guess I just have too much junk in the cupboards.

xx Lektrogirl

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