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April 1, 2010


And so today, I gather my things and I am leaving for Berlin this Easter. O HAI LU, LIVIA, DANIEL, EMMA… HERE I COME!

Last night I gave another little talk at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout event where the dudes from VFS collect a series of business professionals together to impart “wisdom” and answer questions about young designers starting up their businesses or fresh graduates. I say “wisdom” because yours¬†truly¬†here talks about finance, making money, planning for the future and my favourite topic of all, collecting money. It reminds me a bit of Lektrolab days talking, telling jokes and making friends. But other than me, from Raggy Doll Opsa Daisy Finance Pty Ltd, other speakers last night were David Jones, luxury freelance design consultant [major dude!], Allan Scott, from New Planet Fashions, Anna Brett, MD of Image Studio Production [these two run sampling and production units - a place where you go to get your collections made as opposed to the factory Hobart came from], and Emma Crosby, sales manager for Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s London exhibition and Paris showroom [she was wearing some SERIOUS shoulders - executive realness Vogue House style - and somem incredible leather fingerless gloves but a bit weird shaking her hand. Maybe in sex club I would feel different?] God – I’m typing super fast and rambling cause I should be packing. Check the VFS website thefashionscout.com they will make better sense of it and they have a nice blog. And if you are a young designer, or someone who has been going for a little while and need to make sense of what you are doing, get in touch with them!

And quickly let me introduce OXLEY to you all. Serious contender for Mr Personality against Hobart and Bette. [Actually I think he'd win.] He is the cat of one of the girls from work. And he looks just as crazy and excited as me now that I am going on holiday. BOOYAH.

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