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April 17, 2010


Another nice mail I got the other week. Sometimes I feel like shit and giving up. So whoever you are – thanks for letting me know you get something out of what I do. It makes me feel great.

    i was linked to your blog months ago and have been reading it daily ever since.

    reading this blog has literally talked me down from the ledge and seen me through the darkest and most crippling hrs of my recent break up.

    thankyou you so much for being so goddamn talented creative hilarious cool witty and styling.

    i dont know how i could have gotten through the last few months without it.


In other news last night I went to The Alibi for Deano’s birthday. The whole place smelled like DIY and sawdust which I love very much. And also there was a strong smell of coriander. Stood at the bar drinking all night as I couldn’t quite bring myself to dance to EMF. I met them once. I don’t know who was more of their head – them or me.

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