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May 9, 2010


Hello to those of you who go even further than your freeview box allows I want to tell you a little travel secret.

At Melbourne airport at Terminal 2, just past duty free and left down what’s looks like Hudson Coffee’s lounge area is Gate 2 your secluded gate to travellers paradise. There is never anyone in there who isn’t there to do what you do – lie out flat on the row upon row of empty sets with a view of the runway and no casual passers by who will gawp at you having a private moment.

It may not sound like much but to those of you in the know, you’ll know.

My other international travelling tip is Dr Fish Spa at Terminal 1 in Changi Aiport, Singapore to break up the long haul horrors. The fish pool treatment with live fish is optional IMHO, but the massage is not

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