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May 31, 2010


If I make quickly take this opportunity to quickly correct my last post – I couldn’t have got it more wrong – Jess’ movie is called “THE DUST NEVER SETTLES” and I loved it. The music was by The Dirty Three and Hobart who was asleep next to me was twitching the whole way through – she must have felt the fingernails down a blackboard vibes from me – but the images of Australia and the characters Jess & Spenny met included in the film are great. All the shots of the world passing by from their moving vehicle reminded me of being a really little girl looking out the window of my Dad’s Ford as we drove around Australia.

I don’t know if Jess has a website or any links or anything anywhere – a google search turned up nothing – but I will try and fish around for more when I see her on Tuesday at work.


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