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June 22, 2010


In N19 we be strictly banging. As I like to tell myself.

Truth be told after the most stupid stupid stupid horrible embarrassing thing ever happening on Monday I spent the day in the office like a damp squib and came home and cried on the sofa like a teenager feeling very sorry for myself. As noted in the post below there are some parts about being a teenager that were really cool [my other favourite The Smiths song is Oscillating Wildly - is that what its called?] but crying on the sofa was not one of them. Particularly as I’m not all skinny, nubile and teeny any more. I mean I have the nipples for it but that is about it.

So apart from being thrilled with the Twi book I wished I had stayed at home and read quietly on Monday like I had planned: How do we roll round here to refocus our life on less stupid things? We go back to putting the B in Booyah, the R in Regulate and the A-I-N in Aint It Nice and get my ass over to Rennes to join The Brain 100% Party – Edition Rennaise.

I have been added as a last minute surprise so if you wanna come and party hook yourself up here!

I am certain that with the good vibes of the universe, everything is going to work out properly and I can go and wring out the sofa cushion. Especially as I have more important things to think about than weird mates, like WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR?! [Suggestions on a postcard please but send it quick.]


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