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June 20, 2010


Who would have thought that I would love tennis so much! Today was a great series of matches. The best part is how flexible with the rules we can be – “It’s still in.. Still in… Ahhh no you killed it!!!” – based on the ball still bouncing and it’s in rule and how much you can work the ball before it dies. Mrs Kipling is even talking about week-a-day matches in Regents Park so I think I will buy myself a racquet. I want a neon green one like Duke because I think I can work some incredible outfits with it.

It was then back to play the usual other sport – Mario Kart – with a bottle of Cava accompanied by PomBear and grubby fingers:

I hope all my Sundays this summer are a bit like this.

I also got to talk to Mum today.

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