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July 16, 2010


I wanted to make a post about some lovely make do and mend projects around my house at the moment** [19.07.10 pic update below] – my new favourite belt which is just the elasticated waist band of a pair of mens boxershort I bought because I liked the print and wanted the scraps of fabric for something, my curtains I drew myself on sheets of fish and chip paper, and my very chic way of framing pictures but when I got to work my computer wont read the fucking card from the camera. So I have to make do and mend in another way and come up with something else to post.

Just to say first though I went to the FUN Magazine launch last night and drank too much. Paracetamol and loud music now are doing little to clear my thoughts but at least I don’t feel as gurpy as I did this morning.

Anyway here is a little tit bit of Friday afternoon fashion world gossip. Please excuse the XXCENSOREDXX’s – I could lose my job.

ah yes, XXCENSOREDXX. she can be a devil…..lovely back story…Barneys dept store did a window to coincide with the award….Icon.

XXCENSOREDXX asked all her friends to make a statement…to put in the window…Friend A XXCENSOREDXX’s best friend had a problem with her and Friend A wanted to say XXCENSOREDXX is” a piece of shit”….they made up in time…and XXA.L.T.XX refused to give a statement…saying “havent I said enough about you for 30 yrs….??!!”

XXCENSOREDXX is only interested” in the shinny” …that means she is only interested in high profile people and what they can do for HER…

I guess I am lucky to be privy to all this ..but I have to tell the gang of 4, ( Someone, Friend A, XXA.L.T. XX and XXCENSOREDXX) which surrounds XXDUDEXX and myself gets a bit sticky at times!

nothing like Friday gossip and scoop right! ?

No mate. Nothing like it!

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