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August 23, 2010


A weekends’ work is never done in just one weekend so I have taken a large portion of this morning to finish up what I wish I had time for between Friday night and early Monday morning. I feel justified cause last night I had a dream I was at work and was docking everyone’s wages because they all stopped working at 4.30pm every day to play cards or mess about with video editing software and I refused to pay them for the privilage. I was roasting tomatoes on giant baking sheets and one of the girls was saying to me “But it’s already 5 o’clock” and I was saying resolutely “But you finish at 6…”

This dream seemed like it when for hours so I am just recouping a little of what I lost by creating a public figure page for Hobart on Facebook [want to be her friend? You know what to do]

I went to the doctor this morning and she got blood out of me like she did it every day. Last time I went to the nurse it was really traumatic and I was lying on the lino about to faint crying after he tried three times in the backs of my hands and got nothing. I wanted to puke over that actually. Then that night I went out with He-Man for Japanese food for dinner. I took him to Chisou on Princes Street off Hanover Square and we had LOVELY stuff.

This weekend coming up, we are going to P.A.R.I.S.


Oh and I forgot to mention Venom was around on Saturday with a music pal and with God Of Manly Love Personified the three of them got on like a house on fire [or like a bottle of lube in a Gay Bar] making a track together. It was so lovely. I practiced my Cantonese homework in the bedroom only getting up to mix them another round of cocktails and check they werent all fingering one another they were getting on so well and went back to my bedroom to vibe with all the friendly testosterone in the living room. Hobart loved it too. Then on Sunday coming back from The Dove which had great beer but weird air, I did a little strip show and took my knickers off from under my dress to cheer my pal up. A little bit of sauciness always works.

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