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September 23, 2010


My back is killing me and I feel all twisted.

I saw Mrs Kipling today and had the pleasure of spilling my lunch all down myself in front of her.

I am working and I can see infitity stretching out in front of my. And it seems such a long way.

I used to spend a lot of time staring at the ceiling. Now I don’t spend enough time staring at the ceiling. Hobart was very cross the other night when she had to make way for someone else. She lunged at me quite viciously.

Barney Bubbles curated by Paul Gorman private view was very lovely as I got to see most of the Lady Gang and my two favourite cuties.

Provence with The Cardinal was wicked. I have 9 bottles of wine on their way back to me.

Once I was in the supermarket with The Cardinal and I couldnt even choose which washing powder to get. Or something like that. Anyway, its a bit like that.

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