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October 11, 2010


caract f1

While sitting at work and the late afternoon sun blazes in onto my bosses desk and reflects over to me on mine I in a weird pool of sunlight in an otherwise gloomy room. I was just looking for flavours of shortbread – lemon and fennel seed, grapefruit and almond, cardamom and pistachio, rose and poppy seed in a little happy moment and getting into the Flickr Stream K hole I havent had time to visit for a while.

I am happy because my boyfriend has a head this shape.

caract f11

And this shape.

caract f28

And at 3am in the morning when I am crying about something, and he is telling me everything is going to be okay, his ears stay the same shape as the one right in the middle of the page. And his ears are still the same the next day when he is so tired from lack of sleep, rehearses with his band all day, then drives me into London and back home again after tea.

When he drives me home, he looks a bit like this:

02 Jüri Arrak, Panga-Rehe Jutud, 1975

And when he checks on me at night when I am sleeping, he looks a little bit like this:

01 Jüri Arrak, Panga-Rehe Jutud, 1975

And because of him, I feel a bit like this:

02 Vangel Naumovski, Prohibited Thoughts, 1973


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