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November 28, 2010


As you know I love Hobart very much. Today she is being very efficient. So efficient I have to sit down and have a rest because she is really taking care of business.

While I am trying to re-arrange all my china and glassware [visions of the kitchen cupboard falling off the wall a la The Gorman household] Hobart is very in tune with what I am trying to do. Every footstep I go to take which I carry a towering pile of treasered dinner set she seems to know exactly where I want to go cause when I go to put my foot down she is right there. Everywhere I want to put down a balancing act of cake plates and dessert bowls she seems to be jumping right up underneath to collect them for me. And, every time I clear a space on the shelves and dust it, she jumps in and gives it that “lived in look” again with a fine spray of little black hairs.

If anyone would like to take advantage of such wonderful help, please call Hobart now as she is online and waiting. Dial 1-800-ANUSACHE for her direct line.

Alternatively, if you dont have any work to get done and would like some spiritual advice, she has recently taken up yoga and communicates with the universe using her spiritual mind. Her psychic predictions are 100% accurate.

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