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November 26, 2010


So first of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHIL AND ABBIE, which to me means that the Christmas season officially begins. I know so many Sagittarians its nearly every day a birthday up until Christmas Day. By which time my little God/Buddah/Allah/Jah Child will be born then. Goody goody. That is something to look forward to!

Something I don’t look forward to at the moment is coming home to a cold house with no food in it except ingredients for making cake. Lots of flour and nutmeal and icing but nothing that you really feel like stir frying quickly for a 5 minute dinner.

I’m not really a 5 minute dinner kind of girl. Unless you include the pasta and tuna I used to make my exhusband make for me. It took me 5 minutes to beg him to cook for me. But seriously, I am going to Paris for my birthday and I am thinking more about shopping time I will have in Mora looking for elusive shaped baking “thingos” than really anything else and I secretly think my boyfriend is a mega hero for squirting out the Chestnut Vermicelli like the one from Sprungli above on the merigues from the other night. And then UNPROMTED he came with the idea of raspberry coulis. Yes, me, cakes, obsessed. No wonder there is no food around here. I even considered eating the desperation tinned food at the back of the cupboard [pineapple rings - for making upside down pineapple cakes FYI] but thought that was almost like giving up on life and ordered home delivery from Charuwan.

And then when I am not thinking about Mora, I am totally wipeout city. I am still waiting for the tail end of this cold to FUCK OFF.

That picture looks exactly where I want to be now. So I will go there and wait for Hobart to come and sit on my and try and put her bum in my face for a laugh.

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