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December 8, 2010


Anthony and I have invented this new game called TTYL. It is brilliant. Still in it’s early stages but I think this idea has legs.

What you do is say some sentence about an action that is kind of dismissive and end it with TTYL.

eg: Anthony is stuck late at work with some hard grind to do. Knowing this, I sent him a text saying “I just went to the bar and got an extra drink by accident and the barman gave me back more than double in change what I should have got. Ttyl”

eg: Anthony is doing something amazing and having a good time and sends an intricate description of it.
I text back “I just did a giant poo. Ttyl”

Actually I did the “I did a poo. Ttyl” today. Then Anthony tried “I did a poo then had a shower ttyl” which at another time would have been a good one, but as it included what I did in the previous “move” it was pretty lame to just copy me. So I told him his ttyl move was lame, ttyl. Then he got a work in WordFeud of over 50 points which was a massive Ttyl which even had extra kudos because his ttyl was all down to timing and the fact he didnt need to say ttyl.

So yeah. There it is in the mind of two 38 year olds.

In other news, probably as stupid as the stuff I just told you, I have started a twitter about the revolting sex I hear my upstairs neighbours having. I promise you I will be there as the action happens – literally only a few feet away. If you want to follow it is here Errr Awkward 13B.

Anyway I wrote this sitting on the toilet. TTYL.

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  1. I found £3.50 inside my hat ttly! (What does it stand for? Total Top Legend Yeah?)
    Happy Birthday Emma!

    Comment by Amy — December 10, 2010 @ 00:09

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