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January 3, 2011

OH HAI 2011

Alone at last, Hobart and I are trying to maintain a positive relationship after her behaviour the last week. My internet searching reveals that:

1. Hobart is very territorial of her house and of me

2. Her tail when it starts to twitch – she really means no

Which is all very depressing because it is quite upsetting when other people come round and she turns psycho on them. I am not ready to have her put down just yet of course.

I dont have any New Year resolutions – except maybe answer the phone even less (GASP!! I can hear from you all already!) and my mantra used to be GET ON THE INTERNET and now more likely it is GET OFF the internet.

Also relevant to kind of NY resolution vibes, but no real kind of resolution, you all know how much I love cooking. You all tell me all the time I am good at it. I dream of having some kind of place of my own sometimes – a cross between Tartes Kluger in Paris, Pain de Sucre in Paris and The Golden Pudel in Hamburg. But then when the computers at work break down over the Christmas break and I have to go in for the second time to fix them I am not sure I want to be running my own business on my own. That kind of stuff is just not appealing. I was going through my old iMac backup drive the other day and saw spreadsheet after spreadsheet after handout after application saved from the days of Lektrolab – as well as some pretty embarrassing old pictures too on FB if you are interested. I dont want to do that. I like mixing the big bowl of cake mix. I dont want to have to fill in a council application form for some health inspector. I cant just “set up shop” like the amazing M Goldstein and wee in a pot when it comes to a place for food. Anyway so the idea is still there, but still needs some ruminating.

Ideas anyone?


  1. Why don’t you start small. Do a bi weekly /monthly stall at one of those poncey food markets. See how you like it. Little steps yeah?

    Comment by Razor face — January 3, 2011 @ 00:50

  2. What about a catering business for afternoon tea parties?

    Comment by Lektrogirl — January 3, 2011 @ 09:53

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