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February 15, 2011


Well as posting is almost once a month at the moment I should take this opportunity while I have the edit window open to write something for a change.

Health Update : cold [still] visited doctor sinus infection antibiotic and nasal ointment thrush now [brilliant] but hopefully will be better by the end of the month because

Travel Update : IM GOING TO HONG KONG AGAIN FOR WORK to look for product developers based in Hong Kong who have worked in the EU luxury industry but I am there for 5 days so will be able to do a bit of personal research into the food / pet stores / trash shops / button & trim shops and of course, pompom ville. Hobart gets all her pompoms from there to date. Then I am off to see

Family Update : Dad in Tassie for four days. We are going to cook lunch together at Mums one day, I am going to check out Jackman and McRoss again apres pot conversations with Richard about the lack of cake shops in Turnpike Lane and also to check out MOMA or whatever it is called – the brilliant [apparently] gallery there with my mum and her mate Helen and her teenage son Gus who was pissed off we didnt get to see each other last time. He is hilarious.

Restaurant Update : The Eating Still Goes On.
Mason & Taylor on Bethnal Green Rd totes worth it if you like to try different beers [the even do thirds] and nice food.
Wahaca finally – cant stop thinking about the pork.
Goldfish in Hampstead [on East as well I think] for the Sunday dim sum buffet. Doesnt look much from the outside, or even inside for that matter, but all you can eat dim sum straight from the kitchen all delicious.
Did I say about The Meantime Brewery already? Must have done – top recommendation eating food where they brew their beer and a menu that has beer recommendations great food.
NOPI – Ottolenghi restaurant open in Soho so dinner on Saturday night. SO EXCITED. Then going to the Trocadero afterwards.

Adventure Update : Clacton-on-sea
I have 255 tickets and we are planning on going back again because I want to win more that a box of pencils.

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