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February 26, 2011


A proper mug of milky honey soya milk tea would be great right now.

Instead, I can only dream of the donuts in the shape of pretzels in “coffee corner” downstairs in the lobby until that opens.

Had a thing that was trying very hard to be a pear. Didnt taste of anything and looked almost like a mini quince. Wont eat the complimentary apple. Its a red one and looks plastic. I read Snow White.

In one of the interview I was doing today, someone said I should start a blog about food and travel. I said “Oh no I would never have a blog. So time consuming and I have nothing to say.” Then I remembered I have one. But didnt admit it. How can you back track that?

I see there is a new club philos in April. BRILLIANT. Something to come home for then.

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