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February 26, 2011


Day two in Hong Kong or does it count as day one as yesterday was a total blur of interviewing candidates after a 12 hour flight?!

How much do I love Hong Kong and would move here in a second if my life was as easy to shift as it would be to make up my mind… There are such funny characters with old dirty sweatshirts, sock and sandles, gold chains, spikey hair and moody acne, wispy whiskers and whiskery fish, sweet flours and really ugly fruit not sure what they are suburban desperation, cultural tragedy, IKEA and MEGABOX, namco games world for toddlers, sweet salty dried fungus [that when I want to barf], and meat bleeding into the street. A bit like how I used to love arriving in Heathrow before I got used to it.

I nearly wet myself in a taxi last night, fainted in a supermarket today, cried in a hotel room tonight. Tomorrow I might be fine.

Hong Kong.

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