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May 23, 2011


I ate half a chicken yesterday with the Cardinal, came home and slept from 4pm all the way through til 7am today. A solid effort. I should add what tipped me over the edge were the panko crumbed croquettes of potato and black pudding.

Someone has ordered 30 of my hamburger cakes for their 50th birthday party this weekend. I will be “flipping patties” for a long while.

Anthony and I are going to Avignon in July for a holiday. As part of restaurant research, Cards father turned up a strong list of restaurant contenders. One of them even had a recipie section. So the other night we made the Courgette and Tomato thing. Which is basically garlic & thyme sprinkled in the bottom of a bakeware dish. Then layers of peeledand deseeded tomatos cut into quarters and slices of courgette a bit like lasagne with oil pepper and salt baked slowing for at least 3 hours at 120 degrees centigrade. Was long and boring but tasted yummy. Was secretly jealous when Anthony said he had it cold tonight after being in the fridge for a day and a half. I bet it was even better!

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