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August 10, 2011


I haven’t got out of bed today. I have put on a shirt because I am first thing going to get some chili for a cinnamon chicken marinade I started last night. But the pj drawers are still on.

In the wake of the rioting, looting, mugging, murdering, BBMing and damage to everything thing and everyone in London (and the rest of the UK) what is going to happen now?

Who am I going to blame for this happening? Who will be responsible for cleaning this all up? Who will make plans for this to never happen again?

I will only blame myself.
I will hold the Government responsible for cleaning up and rebuilding.
I will ask everyone in London to make plans for this to never happen again.

I am going to write to Boris, and the other one – the PM etc and I will tell them:
I don’t like what happened in my town.
I don’t like what they are spending money on.
I don’t want them to continue spending money on overseas relief until everyone in this country is back on the straight and narrow. Don’t start a row in this country over who is rich and who isn’t and who should pay what tax. Worry about it later. Stop spending money on other peoples problems. Britain is a great country.
I want more money invested into things like assisting small business, training for people, education, sports grounds, good food for everyone – basically access to everything I had when I was growing up in Australia. And I was on the poor list. But I had everything.
I would like money invested in projects that rehabilitate those who spent time burning things down. For example, maybe this is a bit too hippy and freewheeling but – The Sony Warehouse – I bet they had no idea that there were so many independent record labels inside. The name Sony although being true is also a little misleading. I think I would like projects for these criminals to make their own independent labels, recording, producing and performing. I would like to see more mentoring projects, adult advocate projects, art projects, fostering projects, more youth workers, parenting projects, apprenticeships, work experience opportunities – small business funded to take on work experience people…

I would personally like to be in a financial position to start something like Lektrolab again. However silly it may seem. Its something. I would also like to be in a position at my office to advertise nationally that I will take on a girl for a months work experience in our office, paid for £200 per week plus travel (same as we pay our student placements please note everyone else in the fashion industry), who will admit she participated in the riots and looting because she felt she had nothing else to do, no alternative and there is nothing for her. I have been poor, homeless, jobless. I will show her what is possible.
I need to think what I can actually do myself. I dont have answer yet.

So I blame myself because I never told these guys before. I dont know who they spend their days and nights talking to, but I would like them to listen to me. But I have to speak up first. Personally I dont think they will follow my blog or twitter so I need to go out of my comfort zone here.

I dont know if I trust to Government to clean up properly. I think it will be more community action from the people with brooms and the Turkish neighbourhood showing what its like to care about your community. That is sad isnt it.

And everyone else: please dont pass the buck. It is very easy to say “This is not my problem what can I personally do, it not my fault anyway” and blame someone else. I am feeling so disheartened myself having written this far thinking “What the fuck? Whatever you do you get shit on by someone.” But the difference between me and the rioters is, I give a shit so I might as well have a go at making it better – or next time I might as well join in with the riots.

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