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Just a note to say thank you for downloading these tracks.

I wrote them in Tasmania in 1997 looking out on the back garden at my mothers house.

I also want to say that nobody else has the right to distribute these MP3's or duplicate them, except me. The only people who have the right to make a record or a CD with these items on it for sale are the people at Rephlex. I don't know when the contract with them runs out though. I appreciate you respecting both of those points and by downloading these MP3's you are agreeing that you will be nice about it.

Thank you very much.

You can contact me at lektrogirl AT hotmail DOT com or leave a comment in a blog post if you have an OpenID [LiveJournal, Blogger etc etc account] It is such a shame that I can't have anonymous comments any more - but XXCENSOREDXX told me that XXCENSOREDXX was the person who called me a witch. And XXCENSOREDXX would know cause XXCENSOREDXX snooped through all of XXCENSOREDXX'S XXCENSOREDXX.

xx Lektrogirl