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November 2, 2010


After the most depressing day at work in a long time [loads of work and effort to zero result and people other than me unhappy as well] and only two hours of sleep after a hacking dry cough keeping me awake I am taking the day off, going to the doctor, making like my whole life is like a L’Oreal commercial and attempting to get better. And hopefully in the process of it all looking as hot as her.

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December 6, 2008


PHREN1-3, originally uploaded by astropop.

So, I downloaded this mix ages ago and I refound it on my hard drive after I went through and was uploading new stuff to lameatnames.com [NSFW]

Those of you who have been following my blog will know that I am a big fan of DJ Guy, and have had the pleasure of his company on many occasions – highlights being playing scrunchie football at Diamond Grills in Paris, get shit faced with him and Bitch Ass Darius at my local etc. The ‘Fired Up Promo Mix‘ is one of my favourite mixes of all time – not only because it contains his own track from the Fired Up EP “Big Pussy” but because it also contains the BANGING TRACK by Bitch Ass Daris G**K Hoes on NES one of the best records of all time and I have gone on about that whole mix a million times before.

Oh so where was I? I feel as giddy as my little nephew Sam who I just spoke to at the Devonport Show after he just got off the GeeWhizzer – he said that it was okay when it was going slow but it went really fast and it freaked him out. But he wasn’t as scared as his dad was.

Okay so feet back down on the ground:


* Intro – Beat Dominator – 2 4 6 8 Feel The Bass (Tekno Version)
* DJ Nasty – Rythmalism – Motor City Electro Company
* Facedown – Smack Dem Gutz (Dub Mix) – Bassdog Records
* Unknown DJ – Basstronic (Bonus Beats) – Dunk Yer Funk Records
* Gant-Man – Lets Get It Perculated – Ghetto Test
* Esser – Forces (Reese Mix) – KMS
* The Underground Track Master – 313 Let’s Go
* DJ Guy – Going Crazy – Global Fire
* DJ Puncho – Let Me C U Juke – Dance Mania
* Crazy Caz – Work It Out – Big Boy Records
* The X-Men – It’s More Fun To Sample (Dub Version)
* Parris Mitchell Project – Bitches & Money – Dance Mania
* Soul Designer – Detroit Sound – F Communications
* Aux 88 – Direct Drive – Direct Beat
* A-Trak – Kraftwerk Break – Ammo Records
* Debo – From Da Back – Freak Mode
* Paul Johnson – Tic Toc – Cajual Records
* Chaos – Afrogermanic – Underground Resistance
* Egyptian Lover – Egypt Egypt – Egyptian Empire Records
* DJ Slugo – Cardboard Booty – Dance Mania
* Little Computer People – Eyes – Psi49net
* Pierre’s Pfantasy Club – Dream Girl (Ralph Rosario Mix) – Mastercuts
* DJ Flint – Bitches and Hoes – Freak Mode
* Renegades of Rhythm – Before The Dawn (Main Mix) – North End Recordings
* DJ Godfather – 24’s – D.E.T. Only
* DJ Godfather – Much Live – Databass Records
* Posatronix – Shake It – Direct Beat
* Teksoul – Chuck (Heavey Bottom Mix) – Skuzz
* DJ Guy – Gangster (Extended Mix) – Global Fire
* Traxmen & Eric Martin – Hit It From The Back – Dance Mania
* Break FX
* Wiley – Flyboy – Shut Your Mouth Recordings
* Red Planet – Prayer Stick (Trans Electric) – Red Planet
* George Kranz – Trommeltanz (Din Daa Daa) – Personal Records
* Non Stop DJs – Hydraulic Pimp – Non Stop Recordings
* Neighbour – What I Say – Home Breakin Records
* X-Men – Revenge Of The X-Men – The X Files
* Adonis – No Way Back – Trax UK
* Fade To Black – In Synch – Fragile Records
* Luke ft Jiggie – Take Off Your Clothes – Priority Records
* DJ Guy – Lil Closer – Global Fire
* DJ Guy – Amber DJ Tools – Global Fire
* I.O.S. – Dance Through The Night – F.A.C.T. Records
* DJ Godfather – Work That! (Clean) – Twilight 76 Records
* Supply N’ Demand – Updown – Supply N’ Demand
* DJ Assault – Jungle Love – Electrofunk Records
* 24-K – Don’t Go There (Acapella) – MCA Soundtracks
* DJ Guy – Don’t Fuck With Me (Fuckstrumental) – Global Fire
* DJ Deeon – Every Day – Freak Mode
* Aaron-Carl – No No – Intuit-Solar
* Dj Assault – Disco Guitar (Remix) – Electrofunk Records
* DJ Assault – Dis Bitch – Electrofunk Records
* Clark – Dirty Pixie – Warp Records
* Gant-Man – Muzik Make U – Dance Mania

Some personal highlights from this mix are Little Computer People – that album is great and reminds me of days and night in Brussels and DJing in the Atomium and Gant Man – Let’s Get It Perculated. Anything about the Perculator works for me.

And about now, the fireworks display will be over in Devonport and I’ve spooged all I needed to about DJ Guy. Now all I need is a new mix from Bitch Ass Darius.

xx Lektrogirl

November 15, 2008


OMG lolled me out. “Hello… I’m in my room… where u at?”

August 17, 2008


laptop_lunchbox 2007.01.04, originally uploaded by amanky.

Well I have to admit that my Sunday feast looked nothing like this but I forgot to take pictures. What a loser! But it looked so amazing. Then we ate it.

I made:

Slow cooked shredded pork belly with wine with chicory and cornichons.
Carrot, cumin and harrisa dip.
Potato dauphinoise.
Norwegian cucumber & dill salad [The Cardinal's recipe]
Plus there was like olives, bread, cheese, anchovies etc.

I’m so sad there were no pictures cause it really was a sight to behold. And I was told that it was an excellent lunch. Thank god.

Here is the Cucumber Salad recipe that I made which The Cardinal confirms is similar enough to hers. Only we both only make about a quarter of it.

Cucumber Dill Salad

4 large cucumbers
1 cup cider vinegar
1/4 cup granulated sugar
salt and black pepper, to taste
1 medium red onion, thinly sliced and broken into rings
3 tbs. fresh dill, finely chopped

- Wash the cucumbers and partially remove their peel in lengthwise strips, using either a vegetable peeler or the tines of a fork. Make sure to leave a bit of dark green skin between each stripe.

- Thinly slice each cucumber. Place the slices in a large non-metal bowl and pour on the cider vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper. Stir or toss the mixture gently until the sugar is dissolved.

- Add the onion slices and fresh dill, then toss well to combine. Let the mixture marinate for at least half an hour before serving.

- It’s best to serve any leftovers at room temperature. So refrigerate any remains, but let the seasoning be enhanced by a little time on the table before dining.

Hopefully it looks a bit like this:


I feel like this today!

xx Lektrogirl

July 9, 2008



Les légendaires Goon & Koyote viennent de sortir leur maxi “Wellness Is Wild” et il faut que vous l’achetiez immédiatement bande d’enfoirés immatures. Sachez qu’en plus de faire de la super bonne dance-music, les deux faux-jumeaux sont aussi les mecs les plus cool de la terre. On leur a demandé pourquoi ils avaient légèrement changé de style musical, des fois que ça ait à voir avec leur consommation de nourriture bio et de cigares.

C’est la première partie de l’interview, la seconde arrivera dans la fin de semaine. KEEP DANCIN.

Salut les mecs, comment ça va ?

Goon: Ça va super. En fait c’est un peu relou pour moi, je suis en train de déménager en ce moment. C’est à dire que je me déplace entre les cartons, les tuyaux et le plâtre et que cet enfoiré de Koyote ne vient même pas m’aider. D’ailleurs je compte le solliciter très prochainement.

Koyote: Mouais, c’est quand même loin d’être sûr que je me déplace.

Votre maxi est sorti lundi dernier. J’ai ouïe dire que ça marchait très bien.

Koyote: Oui, on en a vendu 3. Non c’est pas vrai, en fait on a même été numéro 1 electro sur iTunes Store la semaine dernière. C’est cool, même si je pense qu’on a du retomber dans les profondeurs du classement depuis.

Goon: Le truc c’est que le maxi a buzzé grâce à la grosse promo qu’on a faite un peu avant la sortie, mais là ça s’est un peu calmé c’est vrai.

Koyote: C’est un maxi composé de trois titres à nous, et de deux remixes. Le titre principal c’est un vrai gros morceau deep-house à l’ancienne. Pour les remixes, c’est nos potes Dre Skull de New York et Dikulous de Londres, parce qu’ils ne nous ont pas demandé d’argent. Dikulous, c’est un des pseudos de Dj Guy en fait, qui est pour nous le meilleur dj Booty européen.

Quand on vous voit, on dirait vraiment un vrai couple avec ses petites habitudes et ses petites gueulantes. Comment votre histoire d’A a t-elle commencé ?

Koyote: On s’est rencontré en 2002 sur un forum ghettotech, ça a été le coup de foudre. C’était l’époque de l’internet 0.9, personne ne parlait de booty en France, c’était le gouffre.

Goon: Sur ce forum on était trois français et on s’est rencontrés en s’envoyant des mails pour finalement se rendre compte qu’on habitait à 10 minutes l’un de l’autre. On a fait des trucs tous les trois ensemble à une époque, mais depuis on a coupé les ponts avec Ice Kid.

Votre musique a beaucoup évolué et s’est adoucie ces derniers temps. Vous n’avez pas peur d’être devenus “matures” ?

Koyote: Matures, nous ? Ouais voilà, on est vachement matures ahah. C’est le mot le moins fait pour parler de notre musique je crois. On est immatures mec. Après je comprends que les gens qui nous ont connus il y a trois ans à l’époque de nos soirées Diamond Grills soient un peu désorientées aujourd’hui. À l’époque, on mixait vraiment que de la booty, donc on est vite devenu “les dj’s booty parisiens” et ça nous a soûlé. Donc on s’est mis à mélanger nos sets puis à mixer de plus en plus de trucs différents. Mais de là à être matures, je ne crois pas non.

Vous mixiez booty avant la grande explosion du truc sur internet. En fait, je ne sais même plus depuis combien de temps vous êtes là…

Goon: Je crois qu’en France, c’est le passage de Disco D au Nouveau-Casino qui a déclenché l’engouement pour la dance music du ghetto, en 2003. Mais nous, on mixait de la ghetto-tech déjà bien avant l’apparition des blogs héhé.

Koyote: En ce qui me concerne, je mixe de la booty depuis 97-98. J’ai vraiment découvert ça à l’époque sur Radio Sauvagine quand j’habitais à Bordeaux. À l’époque ils passaient en boucle un mix de Dj Funk, et moi qui écoutait plein de techno de Detroit, j’ai pris une énorme claque. Et j’ai compris que tous les artistes de cette scène ghetto-house connaissaient aussi les dj’s techno que j’adorais. Je me suis dit “bingo, je ne vais mixer que ça maintenant”.

: Moi c’était quand j’habitais à Rennes en 99 et un pote de l’époque collectionnait tous les maxis du label Dance Mania. J’ai directement trouvé que tous ces trucs tuaient.

C’est quoi le truc qui vous a fait dire : “OK on va être dj’s booty et pas autre chose” ?

Koyote: C’est les paroles de cul. C’est le cul qui nous anime tu sais.

Goon: C’est le côté immédiat des morceaux, les morceaux partent directement et sont plus dansables que n’importe quelle autre musique. On aimait aussi le fait que cette musique reprennent plein d’éléments du hiphop et du funk, puisqu’on en écoute beaucoup.

Koyote: C’est aussi le côté hyper rythmique de cette musique qui nous a poussé à ne faire que ça. Les tomes des 808 et 909, ça nous rend oufs. Un peu comme la house tribale tu vois ? Je suis un grand fan de house tribale, Antoine Clamaran tout ça… Il faut que tu le dises.

Et tout votre délire Miami bass, Latin freestyle, c’est venu après non ?

Goon: Ce sont toutes les mixtapes des mecs de Detroit qui nous ont introduit à ces sous-genres. Le fait de tout mélanger dans leurs mixs nous a servi pour nous documenter sur ces musiques un peu obscures.

Koyote: En fait il faut savoir que ce qu’on appelle “booty”, c’est un mélange de trois musiques distinctes : la ghetto-tech de Detroit, la ghetto-house de Chicago et la Miami Bass. À Detroit, les mecs mixent toutes ces musiques ensemble.

Goon: Ce que les médias ont appelé “ghetto-tech”, c’est une manière de mixer en fait. C’est ces mecs de Detroit qui mixent les morceaux rapidement et avec un tempo accéléré. Ils prennent un morceau de Freestyle des années 80 assez soft et vont le transformer en truc beaucoup plus violent.

Le fait d’avoir été catégorisé comme “les dj’s booty de Paris”, ça vous a bien soûlé on dirait…

Koyote: Oui c’est clair, c’est vraiment un truc qui nous emmerde. On se considère plus du tout comme les mecs qui ne passent que des trucs ghettos dans leurs soirées. C’est pour ça qu’on a complètement changé nos sets et que l’on passe beaucoup plus de house et techno classique. Et pas mal de rave du début des années 90 aussi. Maintenant, de tous les trucs ghetto que l’on jouait avant, on ne passe plus que de la Juke en fait. C’est de la ghetto-house actuelle, avec un tempo très rapide. C’est le truc le plus intéressant en booty à l’heure actuelle, des mecs comme Dj Nehpets, ou Dj Rahsaan défoncent.

De toutes façons, la vision des gens à propos du délire “booty” a changé.

Koyote: Ouais maintenant, le truc a tellement évolué que tout le monde sait ce que qu’est la ghetto-tech, même les meufs savent directement reconnaître un morceau booty. À la limite, c’est trop populaire à présent, ça a perdu tout son côté nouveau tu vois.

Goon: Et puis plein d’autres artistes, style Crookers, ont vachement assimilé cette musique. C’est plus la peine de faire ce que les autres font maintenant. On voulait faire quelque chose de différent, pour lequel on était pas réputés. On a digéré la musique ghetto.

Koyote: On est matures tu vois !

Goon: On entre dans une deuxième phase.

Ah, la French Touch 3.0 ?

Goon: 4.0 en fait pour être précis. Soyez prêts Paris, l’Europe, le Monde, en 2012 on sera là.

You can find the interview with pictures here on the French Vice site.

July 1, 2008


Finally my friends Goon and Koyote have their first EP released and I am well excited – not only because I find the cover artwork extremely arousing [and it was my desktop image on my work laptop for a loooong time] but because I LOVE these tracks.

Oh and the classic Goon quote from the birthday party in Hamburg last year listening to Philippa, Pip, Manara and I natter away like girls is “What is ’stiffy’?”

1st EP “Wellness is wild” (DIGITAL ONLY)

1/Keep Dancin’
2/Pussy Out
3/Wellness Is Wild
4/Wellness Is Wild – Dre Skull Mix
5/Wellness Is Wild – Dikulous’ Zulu Mix

Disponible sur
iTunes | Virgin Mega | Fnac Music


June 25, 2008


The other day, Jo Apps showed me this website sensibleunits.com and I was trying to work out my weight in average domestic cats for her. Only I didn’t know how much I weigh – I never bother about stuff like that at all. So I was guessing like 90-95 kilograms. That is:

* 19 average domestic cats.
* 13 men’s shotputs.
* 5.3 microwave ovens.

Today, I went into the pharmacy and had to pick up a prescription and noticed that there were some electronic scales in there. I weighed myself [shoes, jeans, t-shirt and Ralph Lauren sweat all on] and was surprised that at 5′10″ I was coming in at 81.2 kilograms. That is:

* 49 average physics textbooks.
* 16 average domestic cats.
* 11 men’s shotputs.
* 4.5 microwave ovens.

In a matter of days, I have lost the equivalent of 3 DOMESTIC CATS!! Wow!! What a diet!!

To celebrate, I went to McDonalds and had my favourite item on the menu – the 3 piece chicken strips meal [regular]with Curry Sauce and an orange juice and read the Metro paper. Cause I would hate to think I was really gonna loose too much weight and one of my favourite assets [LOLZ what a pun]


June 12, 2008


Who is in the hot seat this weeeeeeeek? Poor-sha Foxx from Atlanta’s V-103 radio station…. Poor-sha…..Poor-sha…Poor-sha…..How dare you try and disrespect the Queen????????????? Bitch…. You fell in the booby-trap and gave me the ammunition that I needed!! Yesssssssssssss! You looked cute in your orange suit!!! LMAO!!!!!! We all the same behind them walls… Did they turn you out in there Poor-sha????? Ohhhhh… I forgot….. You was bull-dagging before you went in!!!!!!!!

Nowwwwww……As yall know from the blog I wrote last week about hating ass bitches at these radio stations and at BET…… We have some serious problems that need to be addressed because there’s some serious hating going on ….. These bitches not wanting to play the Queen’s music and the Queen’s videos!!!! Refusing to play requested songs and turning bitches mic’s down during interviews…….Cheron of Detroit Senior!!!! See….. I am tired of you hoes tryna make interviews one-sided, screening calls allowing all the haterz through! Having a bitch on your show for drama to gain ratings…… And I have been intercepting the ball on you hoes……Taking Nasti Muzik to VICTORY!!!

This bitch invited me on her show and didn’t ask one thang about my album…. Dis bitch still bringing up old shit, still mad about me roasting her ass 6 years ago! Talkin bout……She didn’t like my video… You crackhead drug addict….. The only video you ever had… Was on Fox 5 News when Dekalb County was carrying your drunk ass to Rice Street…. Why didn’t you wanna talk about that Poor-sha????? Why didn’t you wanna talk about that felony drug possession, driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license and expired tags Poor-sha????? Let’s talk about that!!!!! Let’s talk about how the last time you tried the Queen…. You lost your job and your house…. In less than 30 days!!!!! Oh….. I forgot….. You did have another video…. The video of your house burning down after you intentionally set it on fire for the insurance money!!!!!!! Chile boo!!!!! Let’s talk about it Poor-sha!!!!!!! Why you in there hollering security…..Tryna make the listeners think that I was in there acting like a damn fool……. Now they see that you was the only fool on the set!!!!!

How could you even think about trying me after all this dirt I got you???? Poor-sha…. Poor-sha……Poor-sha???? You are a pussy-blower!!! Bitch why did you have security in there with ya??? Were you scared??? You had every intention on starting some shit with the Queen!!! Tryna make it seem like a bitch was acting immature and ignorant!!!! Bitch dats just how you were acting……And I got it all on tape…… Bitch you was looking stressed and disturbed and I was smiling and looking fabulous the whole time! Cutting the mic down and over talking my fans…… Bitch was you high???? I got you on tape doing this unprofessional shit…….Looking like a damn Ant Eater!!! You like bird trees and nose candy….. You drunken bitch!!!!! Gold teeth and tattoos… Is that all you could come up with Poor-sha???? Gold teeth and tattoos is Hip-Hop bitch and I am a representative of Hip-Hop…. The female Pac…. Bow down Bitch!!!!!!!
Nasti Muzik 08!! Im here to be the voice of those who are coming behind me… Im the only bitch that is strong enough to put you bitches on BLAST!!!!!
The Queen has spoken….And enough is enough!!!! Imma let the people know about the real Poor-sha!!! The nasty, conniving, slick-slimmey Poor-sha… Bitch Imma have your job cuz you are officially fired!!!! Remember Me…. Uh-huhhhh!!

Bitch you were jealous and intimidated, you tried to hate and come for me but bitch you fell for the booby-trap. Full promotion for Nasti Muzik 08.… The streets are talking…..And its not about you, Stephanie….Are you any kin to Slim Cutty Calhoun??? Bitch you wanted me to put my foot 6 ft off in dat ass…That’s why I had my hair pinned up in a bun ready for warrrrrr!!! You betta had dat damn security in there!!!! With your lifeless, drawed up ass… I thank you for helping me expose the haterz that lurks at radio stations!!!!! I got your blank ass on candid camera!!!!! You proved that what I had been blogging about is true! Radio stations are some hating ass bitches… Be sure to watch the full video on Myspace/Khia or Youtube.com under Khia on V-103!!!!! Team KHIAAAAAAA! Another touchdown!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!! Be sure to request the music at your local radio stations, BET and MTV. If they don’t play it, change the station!!! Its 2008 people and its time for change!!!

Number1 With or without them, the streets are talking!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!
Thanks to my baby Weezy for all the love that he sent on the Carter 3. My baby said……. Yo back, Yo neck…… Funny how the song aint got old yet… To us!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!LOLOLOL!!!! Don’t get comfortable!!!!!

Posted by Khia on Sunday, June 08, 2008 at 4:29 PM

Wow – Khia is one eloquent and succinct bitch!

xx Lektrogirl


What a bunch of raggedy ass hoes. But amazing song.

Nice ass / rims combo.

xx Lektrogirl

May 22, 2008


Courtesty of the MAD DECENT blog [maddecent.com] here is an AMAZING new mix by Bitch Ass Darius. It is INCREDIBLE.

Bitch Ass Darius – Do It 2 It Promo Mix

Bitch Ass Darius – We Can Jack

But then I am incredibly biased.

xx Lektrogirl

April 5, 2008


Felt a bit low today after seriously weird dreams about red light districts, bakeries and beating one of my ex’s with a ruler for lying to me about something. So to cheer myself up, I did as any girl in her right mind would do, I went round to the Cardinal’s to watch her and her sister sand the floors.

Cardinal got a little hot telling us that she was working in a cashmere jumper.

Using the massive floor sander was really fun.

xx Lektrogirl

November 29, 2007


CHAMBERYZETTE!! OMG the drink of Kings and Pimps like me

So to refresh your memory from yesterday’s post about the greatest song of this week

Chamberyzette – “A vermouth flavoured with alpine strawberries and is dry full flavoured aperitif with unique style.” Totally spiritual and sensual so similar to Snoop Dogg in a silk satin shirt and a voice box handing out his mouth and the Mary Jane Girls caught in their underwear

You Get Me?

Anyway so back to the Chamberyzette: tonight I took Jessie to Andrew Edmunds for dinner cause I missed her birthday the other day. For an apéritif we decided on the Chamberyzette cause it had a nice name. Then we had an amazing dinner – totally delicious but unfortunately boring boring considering the next piece of news I have to tell you – but Kiera Knightley arrived and sat two tables away. We were there to see the guy she was with present her with a little jewellery box with little dangly ‘diamante’ earrings. It was totally romantic. She had seen them in a shop previously and he was with her and saw how much she loved them. Then he went back another day and bought them. Then Kiera went and tried to buy them herself, but the lady in the store said “OMG I’m sorry I sold them to someone another day” knowing full well that the guy was buying them as a surprise for Kiera. So she put the earrings and and they had a little smooch across the table. And then he was saying something like “I’m going to lie in tomorrow and walk around Stoke Newington. Those earrings make your smile look massive! Like they are extra teeth, they make your teeth sparkle more… You should wear your hair behind your ears to show them more…” They were so cute together. So don’t you feel like you were just like totally right there too?

And I didn’t realise – the Virgin Megastore isn’t even Virgin any more… it is like some name lis Xzanni and all weird. It kind of blew my trip on the way home.

Then my friend Booty called me to talk about Hamburg, Astrology, Spritual stuff and things of a higher plane. What a pimp.

xx Lektrogirl

August 11, 2007


I can only imaging what bullshit was coming out of Seb’s mouth at the time. Now girls hold onto your panties cause I’m sure it was something totally spiritually sexual that would take you to the special place.

xx Lektrogirl

May 28, 2007

Back From Hamburg

Yo I’m back form Hamburg. Woah.

I’m busted. More later.

xx Lektrogirl

April 24, 2007

What about the money you said you gonna let me borrow?

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