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June 11, 2008


Sorry for any delays… this wont publish for some reason…

It was the Linen Anniversary for Nameless and I the other day. It felt like Friday the 13th had come a week early.

I walked all the way to the chemist to learn I left my wallet at home, had to go back to get it. Yawn. Stepped out the door again and twisted my ankle a bit on the step down and fumbled my footing. All the hot estate boys down the road with their tops off and grey sweat pants on cracked up laughing. Then I noticed one of them was the jerky French guy who thinks there are spirits in the house at the end of the road and just hangs around pestering the tenants.

When I was young, my Dad used to have this orange t-shirt that said ‘Have A Nice Day’ in big letters, with ‘Until some bastard comes along and fucks it up for you’ in little letters underneath. There are people who really try. I have some happy memories and they aren’t ever gonna disappear. No matter what anyone tries to demand from me.

My Dad has been sending me really funny and cute texts lately so I haven’t had much to update with the John Davidson Fan Club via email. He always texts on the weekend to ask if the Cardinal and I are on the piss and to tell us to have fun and to have one for him. He likes to know if we are chasing boys and if either of us get lucky. I’m looking forward to the weekend already cause I know that the dramas of this week will be over and that The G.A. will be sending me texts from his wheelchair at home.

xx Lektrogirl

May 28, 2008


Or not so lazy I should say.

My life isn’t that interesting, really. Really?!

xx Lektrogirl

May 16, 2008


Okay so I know that from looking at the clock, it is shortly after 1pm. If I look out the window though, it could be 8am, 10am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 9pm. [Well not 5pm or 9pm in Winter I haven't got the heating on so I know it isn't Winter.]

Doesn’t anyone else not feel completely cheated by the weather today?!

Maybe my life would be more fun if I had one of those kind of fashion blogs [just reading Susie Stylebubble et al infinitum] where I dress up and take pictures of myself. These girls always look so happy sincere, precious, intense BUT CONTENT. And much younger than me. Are there any guys who write these kinds of blogs?

I’m going down to Brindisa for for some tortilla and a coffee. Who wants to bunk off work and come too?

xx Lektrogirl

April 29, 2008


Fake ass people die

Well this is what gets up Reh Doggs nose. I haven’t bothered to check up on him lately but I have to say I really love this video.

Now, I will tell you what gets up my nose:

1] the improper use of the term ‘manic depression’ and all it’s derivatives/applications. [Alex T - what is the proper way of saying what I want there?]

So to make this clear to everyone, technically speaking, you don’t mean what you think you do when you go on about being ‘manically depressed’. Manic depression [apart from being a frustrated miss, just ask Jimi Hendrix] is a psychiatric condition marked by alternate periods of elation and depression. The ‘manic’ part actually refers to the intense elation.

2] Getting hung up on. It drives me INSANE. To the point of storming over to someone’s house and pounding on their door to finish what I was saying at one in the morning.

xx Lektrogirl

March 26, 2008


And sicker and sicker. Tuerlich.

My cold is progressing rapidly and today I woke up feeling even worse. Please anyone will you come over today and bring some food? Even if I don’t like you I will enjoy your company and appreciate your good will.

xx Lektrogirl

March 19, 2008


Yeah – I really really hate change, particularly sudden change. It really freaks me out. But, I have made a few changes to my blog you may notice.

<---- Down the left hand column
<---- Scroll down
<---- You will see a load of new menu items
<---- Including my album "I Love My Computer"
<---- To download FREE
<---- Links to my art projects
<---- And videos

I have more stuff to add but that is going to come eventually.

Anyway so too lazy to scroll and just want a quick click? You can download my album “I Love My Computer” from here for FREE.

xx Lektrogirl

January 14, 2008



Someone told me yesterday that they had sex with XXCENSOREDXX who has a really hairy fanny. I am really surprised by that news! I can’t explain how my mind works at the best of times but a detail like someones minge I will think about for a long time. I was watching Sense and Sensibility or Pride and Prejudice or something on TV eating a FISH PIE with an added can of Tuna and chopped chicory all mushed in thinking about the news I had heard. Probably, I should have let it go.

xx Lektrogirl

January 4, 2008


HEY YOU!! You know who I mean!!

Thanks for giving me this… I will never sleep now.

This is OUR SONG? Well I challenge you to sing this at karaoke! Cursing me with this song was pretty heavy! LOL.

Anyway majority audience, this is one for you.

Just checking up on my buddy Babyjoker21 to see how his Christmas went. GREAT CHOICE OF TRACK. There is nothing sweeter than R Kelly with the water drop snare.
I don’t think I would want to unwrap my presents after this happened in front of them. Finally I think I have been pushed to my limit with the hip rolling. Particularly when he takes his top off and you get to see that he is wearing little budgie smuggler panties with those white tracky daks and socks. The outfit is wrong. Now that XXCENSOREDXX has come clean about thinking I’m a bitch etc, there is no way I will ever get to be able to restyle Ruff Sqwad! Maybe I’m gonna have to contact these guys. [Hang on – was XXCENSOREDXX hating on me when he used my post about the Ruff Sqwad fashion commentary on his blog? Weird.

xx Lektrogirl

December 20, 2007


I wish I could say I was awake at 5.30am because of jetlag but I got to tell you that some genius has a fucking rooster in the neighbourhood. Yesterday I accidently cut my foot. Blood etc. Still haven’t seen my neice and nephews yet. I hope to make it down to Salamanca today cause my Auntie told me where I can get bakelite jewellery from. XXCENSOREDXX has banned me from talking about XXCENSOREDXX any more. I want another coffee from Jackman and McRoss. They don’t open til like 7am though which is hours away. YGM. Long.

xx Lektrogirl

December 3, 2007

LIAR – 8.30pm

DJ Venom recommended I write an 8.30pm post as a nice contrast to this mornings post at 8.30am

I’m not feeling quite so full of the milk of human kindness [ergh - is that a euphamism for something else?] as I was this morning after churning out invoices all day.

And the YouTube post might be a bit random but I was looking for that Bros song LIAR to dedicate to someone, but then realise the song, like a real life liar, is aweful and I couldn’t be bothered and this advert was funnier. I wonder if the boys round my neighbourhood would by a scooter from guys dressed like that?

xx Lektrogirl

November 25, 2007


I’ve been listening to this Roisin Murphy song a lot lately – excuse the fucked video – there arent any on youtTube better – but there is something also amazing about the quality of it… I would normally consider this EMO lesbian music, but maybe that is where I am at the moment.

The other night, I just realised I lost my best friend. But he wasn’t even a real person – he was a complete figment of my imagination. He had lied to me about himself for years. Why I didn’t get out sooner I don’t know – I heard him talk story to all the other people in his life, but I thought I was safe. He promised me that we would be best friends no matter what. But all of that has seem to be forgotten. I just got bullshitted by a weak person. So many of my friends have been right – they just told me to be happy the whole thing with him is over. And I am.

I have also had a realisation that makes me get all EMO and lesbian for another completely the opposite reasons. I HAVE SO MANY AMAZING REAL FRIENDS AROUND ME WHO REALLY LOVE ME. I’m really looking forward to spending my birthday with some of them in London and some of them in Hamburg and my family in Tasmania.

It is gonna be non stop party, just like this:

And just as dirty.

More later cause I have to work on my appraisals today!

xx Lektrogirl

November 14, 2007


Today many things were longing me out. No internet, jobs piling up, meetings, notes. BLARGH.

BUT then something lovely happened. My number 1 assistant told me that he would take me on a date [I was whinging at lunch and he was joking] then blushed. Then I asked him to get me a chocolate bar from the shops if he really meant it. He said that I was the kind of girl who liked expensive chocoalte though. I told him that I like cheap mint chocolate and an Aero would be amazing. Number 1 assistant came back from the shops, got down on his knee and gave me the chocolate bar. He knew I was down in the dumps today. What an amazing dude. Then I asked me where he would take me on the date. He told me Paris. I asked him if he was going to take me up the Eiffel tower. Sniggers all round the office. I asked him if it was going to be a day trip or a whole weekend away. He said that it was going to depend on how hard I was to crack. Mega LOLZ. I laughed for ages about that.

Then the second amazing thing happened – XXCENSOREDXX sent me a random email! Hello! Good times.

xx Lektrogirl

November 4, 2007


October 28, 2007


My father is famous for a lot of his quotes in my family, and the above was a regular in dad’s catalogue. The tie in here is not about how I am feeling, but about the number of scat ref’s I have had in as many days this weekend.

Superduck sent me this:

This is probably the biggest load of girlpoo ever featured on the internet and possibly in the world. Myranda Didovic (22) was constipated for little over a week due to I.B.S. when this scene was recorded.

And view images here. This is NOT for work unless you work in my office.

xx Lektrogirl

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