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March 7, 2011


it si brilliant when you overhear someone say “cUppAcino”. You know you have really arrived home.
Food is cheap, wetther is good, cars are old and the g’days come free. There are things like proper restaurants now, the best gallery in the world (build in an excavated cave no less showing everything from old coins to waterfalls displaying words generated by google in jets and everything in between)
Only Hobart lives in London spending life as a cat and the largest monolith in my life is called Anthony.
After three days with my mother I know only too well how it is with nuclear strength I can work happily alongside my boss who seems to thrive on stress – as much as she denies it.
There is an escalator somewhere putting me off. Im going to go buy a solo or something.

June 20, 2010


Who would have thought that I would love tennis so much! Today was a great series of matches. The best part is how flexible with the rules we can be – “It’s still in.. Still in… Ahhh no you killed it!!!” – based on the ball still bouncing and it’s in rule and how much you can work the ball before it dies. Mrs Kipling is even talking about week-a-day matches in Regents Park so I think I will buy myself a racquet. I want a neon green one like Duke because I think I can work some incredible outfits with it.

It was then back to play the usual other sport – Mario Kart – with a bottle of Cava accompanied by PomBear and grubby fingers:

I hope all my Sundays this summer are a bit like this.

I also got to talk to Mum today.

April 25, 2010


Folks, when the fish finger sandwich is on the table, you know you have really come home.

April 18, 2010


Et voila! MORE spiritual animal love vibes, this time from my French family in Nantes who take care of me in the Mountain Room when I am there. “What else?” and “Oh bah dis donc!” etc

Et puis, je vais au pieu. Bisous.

April 10, 2010


I don’t feel that much better this afternoon health wise but today Dora and I made some great advances together in the world of technology. I taught her how to send a text message and switch off her predictive text. She watched me rip some .flv files of the Internet and I told her how I am going to make a video tomorrow. Then she asked me all about Berlin which led to asking about being a DJ. Then we spoke about small digital cameras for her eldest son. So we then had a great photo shoot to compare different cameras. [see above] I was asking Dora if she was sure she wanted the dick with testicular cancer in the background and she said “Sure! I want everyone to see all your toys” and we both got to talking to Festus on the phone. And in between all that, she made my house clean as a whistle.

April 9, 2010


Memories of Ice and Fire on A Journey Round My Skull.

Just to tell you Mutts has had her operation and she is fine, although pissing quite a lot. Then Mutts and I went on to talk about the old lady who had our house before us. My sister believes she died in the house and is terrified alone there at night. Of course the story is all wrong and the woman died in a home as I learnt from Ma today. ALTHOUGH I can tell you that other people visiting our house have seen things late at night. My exhusband saw an old woman at the end of his bed. He was so convinced it was real he thought it could only be Muttsie dressed up in an old sheet who appeared. But then he blinked and she was gone. Tasmania is very very dark at night. You can see stars for infinity. I think sleepy eyes in the pitch black will make out any shape they can.

Another thing to tell you that makes me happy is when my alarm goes off in the morning, Hobart races down to my bed to alert me to the fact it’s time to get up. She sits there waiting until I turn it off. Whether I am by the alarm ringing or not, she definitely is.

P.S. Not looking forward to work today. Big accounts day.

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