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January 27, 2010


Listening to Snoop Dogg, eating pistachio icecream and checking these out:

And another 10 pages of them on my flickr.

May 12, 2009


Well she is white and female but she isn’t single – she’s married to a man who frequently rocks a good look. Which makes her obsession with the pictures of my boyfriends on Flickr even stranger. I have to watch it – as soon as I put a picture of a man I am dating online Caz is there favouriting it up like nobody’s business. ODder still they are usually nudie pics.

If you care to check out Mrs G’s Flickr favourites, please do! She has also favourited lots of other pictures that I sometimes go and favourite after her.

xx Lektrogirl

March 1, 2009


Well everyone – since the lameatnames domain hosting debacle and now my Flickr account has been switched to ‘restricted’ courtesy of the powers that be at Flickr [too many nips I guess] and I spend my Saturday mornings learning French from porn mags I suppose one could say I have reached a turning point of disregard. So here I present for you some images from the aforesaid French porn mag – more to show the brilliant graphic design and styling than anything else. And really I had no reason to write this bit of blurb other than to give you fair warning you might get into trouble at work for looking at this post on my blog.

Bob et Cindy. LOL.


Sorry for the burger, but what is that top she is wearing?! LOL.

Well I suppose it makes a change from me posting my tits all over the place.

I went into Milkbar this afternoon for my regular eggs and coffee and when I got off the tube I realised I had no money and no bank card. Thank god for the guys, they let me have my usual with the promise of paying later. Life is good.

xx Lektrogirl

December 30, 2008


Picture 018, originally uploaded by Tongue & Toys!.

Here is a picture of my true friend that I found among other peoples porn.

When I talk about feeling like a cat stuck in a petrol can, this cat illustrates pretty well the look on my face, if I really was that cat really stuck in that petrol can.

I am SO LOOKING FORWARD to 2009 you wouldn’t believe.

xx Lektrogirl

December 29, 2008


Now you know how to greet people in Greek! Fuck off Flickr you malaka. [top diss back the playground]

xx Lektrogirl

November 14, 2008


In black is my friend Olia at the Wii Championships that were played at the Merz Acadmie recently. From what Drx said, he and his little son Juirj made the semi final!

I think Olia looks pretty good even though she is not wearing anything I gave her…

xx Lektrogirl

November 12, 2008


My Love Life, originally uploaded by Lektrogirl.


Питер 07/11/2008, originally uploaded by im_foto.


koala bear asleep, originally uploaded by jamie mckerral.

November 11, 2008


November 10, 2008


, originally uploaded by sannah kvist.

November 9, 2008


So Sarah and Grissom are no longer together, their relationship withered as he couldn’t make up his mind. Now Grissom is in Lady Heather’s upstairs bedroom asking her to stay. As painful as they are, stories of breaking hearts, lust and longing and dreams that never come true are so attractive to me. And I guess why I end up in the world of lost loves with a pair of kiddies knickers on my dining room table and my heart feels like I swallowed a stone.

That is why I am so in love with some of the pictures I collect for lameatnames.com which I am relieved to say is now back online.

Tomorrow I will continue on my picture framing mission. I have pictures of cancers and illustrations of eruptive fevers from antique books, gems and flowers, naked ladies and drive in porn movie posters. I am looking forward to the next lot of London guests who may come my way. I will also put together a proposal for a video that I would like to make for Appareil for their song “Sex Attack” [which I have blogged about before].

Also in other news: Drx, Role Model and I have all swapped Wii numbers. We can swap Mii’s… I only have two Mii’s at the moment, me and my boyfriend who is a black guy called Wasteman. I made him tall and skinny like Snoop Dogg.

And this from harriet_the_spy is worth a note.

Trying To Start A Meme

What’s the oldest item of clothing you own? I’ve had this PJ top since I was nine or ten and watched my breasts develop under its thin cotton M&S comfort: ‘Take It Easy’ you sheep.

I will get around to doing this one day only I feel disadvantaged cause my really old stuff is at home in Australia and probably in Mum’s polishing rag basket by now. I’m sure to have some old NIKE tops from when I was in my Sporty Spice phase though if I dig deep enough. To elucidate on the Sporty Spice phase: It was actually when I was going to Rephlex Raves “back in the day” wearing things like neon pink Speedo swimming costume with a massive zipper down the back, combat trousers, a red Helmut Lang tulle vest and giant Nike trainers back in 1996. And made up like a cosmetic counter exploded in my face.

xx Lektrogirl

November 4, 2008


I tell you I wish that there was some more of this kind of vibe going round today.

In other news I have Wii arm from playing boom blox in bed last night and it was difficult carrying my Marni bag into work. I stopped for a soya chai latte on the way [SATC LOL] and the barista totally fluffed the order. I couldn’t stop laughing and asked him if he had a late night or an early morning. He said it was a good question. I saw the back of his neck and he had a giant pimple there not unlike some of the videos I have post on my blog previously and there was a white head appearing. This in itself didn’t ruin the lovely moment we had together as we laughed and joked our way into the morning. And when he winked at me told me to have a nice day and see me tomorrow I knew I was just moments away from getting upsized latte’s for life. I stopped off back in there to pick up my lunch and he was out the back in the kitchen. He came out for a moment and I could see that the heat of the toasting machines and grease was really giving the pimple on his neck a real leg up. I will be sure to check it in the morning and report back. It may burst in the shower!

After getting my life in check with the Cardinal last night – she is very good and sorting out the here and now’s for me, I got a beautiful email from my spiritual advisor who is wonderful for sorting out big picture emotional traumas of the heart. She fixed something for me in one sentence. Then, I spoke with Madame on the phone on the way to buy a pair of leather gloves – and speaking to her is sometimes like talking to myself but with a few years extra wisdom. Ahh… wonderful. Finally, I need to check in with my friend who is just like me 12 years ago. And that is how my life goes round.

I am looking forward very much to Zurich at the end of the month. But not so much to Christmas this year. Last night I had dreams all about getting divorced and an ex who had bought a wig which was as poorly manufactured ‘hair’ as the hair that gets sticked on cheap plastic dolls. His new girlfriend was French and as stupid as they come. Even he thought so. I just got more and more angry. Then I woke up really early cause I needed to piss.

Okay – lunch break over. The world of big business back knocking at my door.

xx Lektrogirl

November 2, 2008


jordan.jpg, originally uploaded by Bennett 4 Senate.

October 26, 2008


My friend Phil [Mr Chips] has been using a camera to take pictures that I think Sanna got him from the charity shop. He has been running black and white film in it and I have been checking out his pictures with great delight. Every time he uploads a new set, his picture – particularly those of women – are just full of a nice magic.

It is true that ‘reducing’ everything to black and white can hide a multitude of sins and suddenly make things look like ‘art’ but I personally think what is the most powerful thing about Phil’s pictures is the dialogue between himself and his subjects. These are not ‘models’ or just ’shitty friend snaps’.

I guess Phil is just lucky to have so many female friends who are comfortable in his company.

And because of that, he seems to be able to make all the women beautiful. And I find that all the other pictures of men – the pictures seem devoid of the same kind of commitment to the subject, or that subject is more disconcerted by the camera. I dunno what it is.

Compare this:

to this:

It just isn’t the same.

The other thing I love about Phil’s ability to engage with his subject and in turn tell a story with the image is how he can turn something totally inanimate into something magnificent

Anyway – I think Phil is my new favourite photographer. If you want to check out his other pictures, here is his Flickr. [rated - SFW].

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