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May 14, 2011


Anthony came in last night to reveal some VERY exciting news. STEVE ALBINI HAS A FOOD BLOG !! Who knew?!

Steve Albini is Anthony’s hero. Maybe this is why I got to sit down to a yummy dinner of cauliflower cheese last night with charcuterie courtesy of Anthony’s fair mandible?

To try and explain this the other way round, it would be like Didider Mathray and Nathalie Robert starting an Italo disco music blog.

In other news, we are going to have Ayia Napa day in the office after I remembered that Pied Piper song. DJ Bobo was a big hit but Blackout Crew was not :(

September 6, 2010


2006 Comté

Possibly one of the best moments of my life.

In the Fromagerie in Paris, a temperature perfect marble chamber in the 9th, Anthony and I were transported to another dimension when offered taste samples of the Comté from 2006 and (only) €43.75 per kilo.

Also, from Cheese Dimension, was the “Table of Chevre”. It looked like a mini pool table covered in more varieties of chevre than I could count. Covering that, was a perspex dome. With one flick of a switch, the dome rose and the eau de chevre was set released into the room.

In heaven. It smelled like heaven.

June 10, 2010


From: John Davidson [mailto:XXCENSOREDXX]
Sent: 08 June 2010 04:47
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: RE: More food from paris

yeah. But the frog/snail eating poofs DO eat well. What were the two black thing looking like beetroots after the strawbs and rasps?Mind you I certainly rember being put offg frog shiels who smoked ‘Gooloise’ Dark black pubic hair by the looks of it
What deal did you strike with yer ma about the Science Magazine. ? She’s back from Sydney but living with her Sister. Piotto.. It’s a lonely job getting through one’s dying days. It’s called the way of life! Fark.
How’s the Spanish furball, Ferret?Cheers mate. Paris always reminds me of playing my Harmonica up on the CAFES OVERLOOKING THE sIENNE, and collecting ten franc note. Then sleeping on thei paving stones under the Pont Du Nord. Cold and farkin hard. BUT I was young then- abot thirty years I think. Even out in the bush the villages were great. Cheers again you pair of Londo livers. Luv yer Dad, No OTHER BASTARD DOES,xxxxxx

From: John Davidson [mailto:XXCENSOREDXX]
Sent: 10 June 2010 04:26
To: Emma Davidson
Subject: RE: More food from paris

If you had to eat the shite they serve up here, you wouldn’t torture a poor AGED man with such delicious food from Pae=ris. even if they do smell a bit!. luv yer pa and the ferret.

May 12, 2010


I’m at gate 16 with a bloated period belly and lower back pain as a result of strutting round Hong Kong like Miss It. Or Germany’s Next Top Model. Whichever is trashier in a tasteful way.

Today was Bird Market – if I didn’t have bird flu before I sure do now – flower market and then fabric and trims district. I dropped a few bombs in a few shops stocking up on supplies like buttons.

Then I went to The Dragon-Centre in west west west west Kowloon. Don’t go there unless you like looking at piles of trash in the street and old people selling trash on blankets etc like me and enjoying the beauty in sadness.

The point is though at big shopping centres there are always clean toilets and food courts. Today was a Pizza Hut lunch. Get this – pepperoni tortilla pizza. A wafer thin base almost like paper with pepperoni, cheese, sauce, sweetcorn and PEACH. Too fucking good.

I’m sad to leave Hong Kong.

March 21, 2010


I’m to start thinking about superfluous hair ladies and gents! Last week’s weather was so fabulous that I felt rather disappointed that today didn’t feel such a waste screwed up on the sofa with a rather hairy little Hobart chilling and watching episodes 11 & 12 of Flashforward that has started again. The WORST SHOW EVER and Joseph Fiennes is really shockingly bad. Still – LOVE IT.

Of course, a day on the weekend does not pass when I don’t give something a go in the oven.

Today I made a green tea and white chocolate cake inspired by someone else’s that I didn’t have a real recipe for but I made it up anyway. All in all a fair effort BUT not as banging as the green tea macarons. Tomorrow, I am going to give a green tea pavlova a go. Yes folks you heard it here first. With whipped cream and chopped nuts on top.

But for now, it is back to the sofa to the HUG A THUG zone.

March 14, 2010


March 7, 2010


Pura del habas

Padron peppers [these were in Waitrose for a while. Where have they gone?!]

Scallops with a beetroot puree

Butternut pumpkin squash with roasted red peppers and padron peppers

El Parador 245 Eversholt Street London NW1 1BA
Tel: 020 7387 2789

February 28, 2010


Aperol Sour which tasted as good as sherbert! Brilliant!

[Private Members Club. Yawn]

Soho House London 40 Greek Street London W1D 4EB
Tel +44 (0)20 7734 5188

February 18, 2010


California Burger with cheese. Not bad for a burger in Paris. Diner style menu.

154, rue Saint Honoré 75001 Paris
Tél. : 01 42 60 31 84

February 17, 2010


Secret Location, Paris

February 16, 2010


Baked eggs and truffle

Agneaux de lait des Pyrenées [milk fed lamb], jus de chorizo

Soupe de chocolat “mango ananas” mango pineapple] et sa madeleine

Le Troquet, 21 rue François-Bonvin 75015
Tel: 01 45 66 89 00

February 15, 2010


Velouté d’oseille [sorrel soup], bonbon de Fois gras, petit croutons

Pavé de Lieu jaune [Place] ca vapeur d’algues choucroute [seaweed choucroute], beurre blanc au champagne

Clafoutis Poires [pear]

Le Bélisaire 2, rue Marmontel 75015 Paris
Tel: 01-48-28-62-24

January 1, 2010


The Merlin Entertainments London Eye
Riverside Building County Hall Westminster Bridge Road London SE1 7PB

December 13, 2009


Secret London Location

December 1, 2009


Strawberry, raspberry, champagne jelly, ganache.

The Star 47 Chester Road London N19 5DF

Tel: +44 (0)207 263 9067

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