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November 18, 2009


Use your credit card and topped up to whatever you choose to spend and pass the evening pressing the buttons to test every wine available. Light bar food also available.

TERRENOS VINOTEK Scheelegatan 12 Stockholm
Tel +46 (0)8 653 19 88

November 9, 2009


Cheese plate with British Cheeses

The Star 47 Chester Road London N19 5DF

Tel: +44 (0)207 263 9067


Eggs and parma ham

Best gingerbread cake in London

Leila’s Shop 17 Calvert Ave London E2 7JP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7729 9789

October 17, 2009


THE best scrambled eggs in Soho. Tim makes the best and Hannah comes a mean second. Also, best coffee in London and soya milk lovers go here.
Milk Bar 3 Bateman Street, London, W1D 4AG
Tel: (020) 7287 4796

September 5, 2009


Afternoon tea.

Spa Kiss Cocktail

Pistachio and blackberry

Pistachio Friand with Vanilla cream filled with berry jam

Lemon tart with raspberry and silver leaf

Cherry macaron

The Dorchester Park Lane, Mayfair London W1K 1QA
Tel: +44 (0)20 7319 7109

August 1, 2009


Razor clams and broad beans

El Parador 245 Eversholt Street London NW1 1BA

Tel: +44 (0)20 7387 2789

June 17, 2009


Callooh Calley Unit 2, Rivington Street, London EC2A 3AY

Tel: 0207 739 4781

May 10, 2009


Time to paint, new hall, new kitchen, new stove [but not installed - PRICKS], new life. I have spent the last day painting my hallway some colour called “alabaster” and I used trade paint that was a bit smellier than Dulux but HALF THE PRICE. Really nice quality paint though if anyone is interested.

My E is from Burger King originally, but I got it from Nathaniel at M Goldstein on Hackney Road. Here is a nice thing on Paul Gorman’s blog The Look Presents about the shop. And a picture of Pippa’s arse.

Anyway I also got new cooker delivered yesterday but Comet fucked up and sent it with the wrong guys – blokes who can deliver but weren’t qualified in how to install it. Durrr. So I can’t cook all week. :( The last thing I cooked in my old cooker was a freestyle fish pie. I was very proud of it. I was sad to see my old cooker go actually. I got it for £90 from a refurbished cooker place after getting a flat after being homeless. It served me well. I can’t believe I didn’t take a picture of the pie! But I did take a picture of my mini Toads In The Holes. TOO GOOD.

I wanted to make some cakes today. Oh well. Next weekend.

xx Lektrogirl

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April 17, 2009


Brunch 2007

Brunch 2009

Walk through the food market and find L’Estaminet on the back corner. Brunch on Sunday morning only. And if you can get the man in the Photo dealer shop to serve you, please let me know your trick.

L’Estaminet 39 rue Bretagne Marché des Enfants Rouges 75003, Paris
Tel: +33 (0)1 42 72 28 12


Velouté de chataigne served like a cappucino

Lamb and dauphinoise potatoes

L’Hôtel du Nord Canal St Martin 102, quai de Jemmapes 75010 Paris

Tel : +33 (0)1 40 40 78 78


Haddock with mint and cucumber salad

Confit of quail with sweet and sour cabbage

Lasagne of chevre, artichoke and pesto

Fish Pie with Parmesan

Veal kidney in stew

Pot Au Feu – there isn’t a translation other than it is a traditional stew from Brittany. Literally it means Fire Pot.

Panna cotta with apple cider glaze and a layer of apples at the bottom with a madeleine

Paris Brest. Dusted choux pastry with AMAZING praline and walnuts.

To note: we didn’t have it but the cheese plate going round looked and smelled incredible.

Chez Michel’s serves food from Bretagne/Brittany.

Chez Michel 10 Rue de Belzunce 75010 Paris
Tel: 01 44 53 06 20

April 4, 2009


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A is the Pigalle Metro and B is the actual breakfast place. The connections on the Metro are super annoying, you’d be better off taking a taxi.

xx Lektrogirl

April 1, 2009


Okay so WHENEVER I AM IN PARIS which is not as often as it should be, I ALWAYS MAKE A DETERMINED EFFORT to visit L’Estaminet d’Arômes et Cépages for brunch on Sunday morning.This trip I had a fish brunch – smoked salmon, fig and cinnamon confiture, a home made crab paste, another oniony paste with green things that was so delicious, scrambled egg, a scone, natural yoghurt [with a bloody star anise seed if you please which I struggled around London not so long ago to search for!] fruit salad, salad, coffee, apple juice and fresh bread for €20.

You have to sit at this big shared farmhouse table and all the staff are women. I was lucky enough to sit next to some upper class Frenchies who spoke like the recorded voices on language CD’s and listen to them go on about food.

This one was in 2007, with a little Amuse Bouche – a tomato soup, charcuterie, and the jam didn’t come on the plate this time for some reason but it was confiture de chataigne.

So where is this incredible place? It is at the back of the Marché des Enfants Rouges on rue de Bretagne in the 3rd. The nearest Metro is Temple. The Marché is apparently a bit of a foodies market – there are loads of great wines and cheese, organic vegies and stuff and some well known Asian ‘restaurant’ there too. It isn’t very big though. In the market building in a shop selling vintage photographs and the owner has always been the rudest prick to me when I have been to the shop and I have never managed to have a proper look at anything however year after year I go back in the hope he will be nice and let me look around and buy something. The market is also pretty close to an APC store, another nice boutique called Shine that has nice jewellery in it even though all the clothes are stuff you can get here – Marc, See by Chloe blah blah.

There is also another store not far called ie which sells all kinds of baby and children’s wear from Indian and Japanese fabrics made by a husband and wife team I think. She’s Japanese and he is from India. You can also buy there fabric, toys, tiles, posters all from India. A bit like Brick Lane only cuter and not as smelly.

Anyway the phone is ringing. Who is it that cares if I live or die at this hour?

xx Lektrogirl


“He is small and tubby with dark eyes, a goatee beard and a round face. To his army of female fans, he is the embodiment of the masculine ideal. Meet Pierre Hermé, France’s most famous cake-maker and the man with a highway to the heart of every Parisienne.”

Or I think it is better to take a look at this:

After getting silly stringed and tripping out in the mineral museum, I went to rue Vaugirad and bought some macaroons from Pierre Hermé’s ’boutique’ for cakes. I considered buying all kinds of presents and then decided I couldn’t be bothered and went for just the important stuff – a macaroon taste test.

I bought one of all that were available except for the coffee on cause that would be gross. Pierre Hermé macaroons do not come in nice boxes like Ladurée [Unbelievable! a bit like going to The Cake Hole and getting a Heinz Baked Beans mug instead of some nice vintage china!!!]

The flavours I left with were [clockwise] starting with the white one in the front: Satine [Cream Cheese, Orange & Passionfruit], Carrément Chocolat, Ispahan [Rose, Raspberry & Letchi], Cassis, Milk Chocolate & Passionfruit, Wasabi & Grapefruit, Olive Oil and Vanilla, Rose and the one in the middle is Salted Caramel.

So Wasabi & Grapefruit. It was as gross as it sounded. Sweet, bitter, no wasabi flavour that I could taste and bits of grapefruit peel in the filling.

Rose. Pretty good but I prefer Ladurée. Or maybe I just like that one better cause there is a Ladurée near work. Though this month I read that Pierre Hermé is thinking of opening a London store.

Olive oil and vanilla. BANGING!! So good. The best macaroon I had after the Spruengli cinnamon ones The Cardinal and I ate in bed watching MTV in Zurich until we wanted to die. The olive oil and vanilla was such a good combination – velvety and creamy and not sickly. So good.

I only ate three and couldn’t go on and left the others for Goon and Fanny. When they got back from where ever they were, Fanny continued the taste test with great interest and Goon helped clean up the pieces. The least popular was the Passionfruit and Chocolate. Blurgh. I told Fanny I preferred Ladurée and she said the difference is that the Pierre Hermé flavours were more about interesting mixtures. However, I think I want to know what I am getting when I buy a macaroon.

Visit the Pierre Herme website here and order your own. Let me know what you think.

xx Lektrogirl


Starting with the white one in the front: Satine [Cream Cheese, Orange & Passionfruit], Carrément Chocolat, Ispahan [Rose, Raspberry & Letchi], Cassis, Milk Chocolate & Passionfruit, Wasabi & Grapefruit, Olive Oil and Vanilla, Rose and the one in the middle is Salted Caramel.

Pierre Hermé 185, rue de Vaugirard 75015 PARIS
Tel : +33 (1) 47 83 89 96
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