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April 27, 2008



I dragged Cardinal out last night cause she was a bit down over Jamal passing. Please all bare with me cause it is so difficult to not be making pussy / waking up next to a stiffy / mouse to mouse etc jokes cause it is also really sad. Out of respect for Jamal I just can’t disrespect his memory.

We went to PUSH and drank £2 whisky and cokes with Michael who’s new hair cut makes him look like an Air Commodore [it is really good! tip for the Summer boys!] and had a great laugh. Momentarily, I was struck cause on of the DJ teams played Runaway by Del Shannon and I was immediately transported back to the age of 6-7 dancing in my family living room on the circle mat listening to the songs’ words and the melody and having feelings inside of me about love and loss and pining for someone. Like suddenly becoming aware of things like a broken heart and wanting to be the Runaway. So either I was incredibly EMO from a very young age / have always believed in love / kids generally are very aware adult concepts from a young age. Anyway – it was really lovely to be drunk with friends and reminded of that really great moment in my life.

Another great moment was seeing this person slink around with a tail of pissy toilet paper hanging out the back of her jeans. I laughed so hard I nearly had to go up to her and as her for a piece to wipe myself down.

OMG!! XXCENSOREDXX was there looking matronly. Possibly one of the worst dressed people in London on a regular basis. She could actually fill heat’s “What were you thinking” page every week.

And this guy was a classic dancer! It turns out to be a guy called VINCENT LARKIN [thnx HML] and he was really busting some incredible moves when he hit the floor. Later on in his dance routine, a friend of his was on the floor with his legs in the air and our new best friend Vincent was dry humping him like a crazed miniature dog. FOR A LONG TIME. Everyone just stood around gawking in amazement. Then further on, he was on his hands and knees pretending to give another guy head to the music. It was a really spectacular show.

And Ronojoy was the most wasted I had ever seen him. I have heard reports but not been there in person. We were dancing to some Cotton Eyed Joe track [no clue what the track was some boys music] and in the middle of it all, Ronojoy stopped and started to do what appeared to be coughing up a fur ball in the middle of the room. Actually I think he thought he was going to puke. But he held it down and kept dancing. My personal hero. It is also nice to know that guy in the background thinks so much of us. No wonder he is alone with no friends there being so antisocial. LOL.

OH there are so many jokes to tell you from last night… LOL… I was very surprised to see Prancehall behind the decks with his mates ‘grooving’ along to Happy Song by Baby’s Gang. Baby’s Gang is not an East End grime crew FYI. Maybe he got confused and thought it was Chipmunks little brother?

AND BEFORE I FORGET! It was the Little Witch’s birthday yesterday evening. Lots of screeching and shoes flying through the air with high kicks and slutty dancing from the Witch who doesn’t look a day over 21. As he boyfriend is only 23 it is just as well!! [As she said - 'The youth of today!'] The Witch has always liked Pepsi Max though [The Taste of the Next Generation. YGM] Anyway the party vibes were enough that The Air Commodore even took off his cardi. Or was it that we were in a big gay sweatbox?

And finally

There is now the Booty Photo War that I started and now The Cardinal is retaliating getting The Air Commodore to do her dirty work. Thank GOd there was no crack.

xx Lektrogirl

April 26, 2008


Today is another day of remembrance. It was with great sadness I received the news from Philippa this morning that Jamal the blind cat has passed away. I shed a few tears from my feather down pillows in his memory. Yesterday it was just tears of pain from the Cava hangover.

In a Cava induced stupor:

P.S. Please don’t hate me cause I’m such a babe.

Captain Morgan was a lot friendlier to my system last night which I drank in the company of Alex T, The Cardinal and Amph who Alex T and I called Bongo more than anything else last night. I’m still laughing about the man in the off licence on Brick Lane who gave directions to the nearest ATM as being ‘Go down derre. Long way.’ to Amph and I. The best joke EVER. Can I also say, Amph has the most amazing thighs? He tells me that his family are from Ghana which reminded me of Hugofreegow’s flickr pics

And as Alex T and Amph spent most of the night wrestling while scantily dressed women played musical statues I wasn’t too difficult for me to place Amph in some of those funny wrestlers undies.

OMG and now you have to work out what happened to who for yourselves:
There wasn’t much else left to the imagination after XXCENSOREDXX got a stiffy after XXCENSOREDXX whispered in XXCENSOREDXX’s ear “I can’t wait to see your cock”. I mean they are as homo as each other…

We all drank so much that we all started to look like this at the end of the night:

So I hope today that the sunshine will treat me well today as I need the Vitamin Sun beauty treatment to be babed out for tonight. I am DJing at my old friend Molly’s birthday party from 10pm at the Alphabet Bar on Beak Street in Soho. I’m not allowed to play any ‘black music’ so it will be all italo, pop, disco etc. Which is a great shame as I have been showing a lot of face to R Kelly’s Hairbraider track. A beautiful slow jam.

So in summary, this is my life right now:

xx Lektrogirl

April 20, 2008


At the depths of despair – or maybe it was chronic PMT – I rang my Mutts the other night crying about everything and nothing. [It is a long story.] And like a superstar she knew just the fixer. She told me to get £20 out of her bank account and go and do something nice the next day. So obviously I went and did the best thing you could do on a Friday in London – I went to Borough Market.

Like everyone else who sees these, I am always totally captivated by them hanging there at the stall at Borough. One girl came up to me after I photographed them and asked me if I thought the stall owners should be allowed to display them there. She thought that they should be hidden. I mean – I could see what she was saying, but I didn’t see it as any different to all the other meat on display all over the market [albeit without fur and cute ears] or the fish in the fabulous fish stall which is my personal favourite stall.

Granted the rabbits did stink of blood. I asked her if she was a vegetarian and she said no. She just felt that the display of rabbits was ‘a little violent’. The rabbits just made me think of when I was young and we had ‘pet’ rabbits that were actually bought to grow for meat anyway. But my sister and I had befriended them all and been playing with them regularly taking them out of the cage and letting them run all over the garden. When I went out to the garage one day to see The G.A. almost at staggering stage from a lot of whiskey and a half skinned rabbit hanging from the corrugated iron roof I felt really awful. I asked The G.A. if I could have a go at skinning it, he said yes, I ripped off some pelt and it sounded like Velcro ripping apart. I felt even more awful. Then later at the dinner table, I felt more awful still.

Anyway back to Borough Market.

The money Mutts gave me I spent at Brindisa on tortilla and chicory salad and a coffee. All for £12.04 [including service.] I made the chicory salad for myself the next day for lunch it was so good. And the tortilla was pretty good – warm and gooey – but not as good as the tortilla from La Rosa in Madrid!

Then I went and bought a variety of snacks to be had with Prosecco while Cardinal and I prepared ourselves for Deano’s birthday. Focaccia bread, beetroot hummus, fresh tomatoes, blue cheese and garlic olives. Venom also came over but he broke one of my limited edition Babycham glasses that Max gave me as a present when I still worked at the shop. I was drinking ‘Rose Royals’ [prosecco and French rose syrup] while Cardinal had prosecco with Bush Liqueur I brought back from Tasmania made with Pepperberries. Anyway as soon as we got to the party, and the Imodium I gave Venom to stop him pooing all over the place worked it was good times all round.

And now by Sunday morning, the misery has gone and I am much happier! Thanks Mum.

xx Lektrogirl

April 16, 2008


I lifted this from Bok Bok’s Flickr where he is keen to point out:

1 – I did NOT say we’re aiming at a trendy shoreditch audience. Slugs is a SOUTHSIDE ting.
2 – I said that bit about FWD off the record, can’t believe they quoted me on it

I’m really looking forward to Night Slugs 2 even though I do feel like a paedo standing at the edge of a school playground. And I never saw so many checked shirts in one room.

xx Lektrogirl

April 5, 2008


Tonight Cardinal, Venom and I went to some random house party full of New Zealanders. Enough said about that. On the way home, we went to the bagel shop on Brick Lane [the yellow one.] In the queue, some cute guy was chatting my up. He was telling me that he felt like a knob the way he was dressed cause normally he dressed more indie [he looked nice - maybe he thought I looked indie?] Unfortunately, he had a pimple on his forehead that looked quite angry with a bit of a scab on it. And you all know my latest obsession about these things. I just looked at it and thought ‘No’ cause I knew just too well what this facial infection could become. Even so, he was cute and funny. Until he said ‘Hermes’ wrong. Then I knew it could never be true between us. I clutched my warm loaf of bread and my cream cheese bagel and joined Cardinal and Venom on the street outside and we stuffed the bagels in our faces and caught a taxi home.

If I hadn’t found a fiver outside the bottle shop where we picked up some booze before the house party I could have almost written the whole night off [Venom accused me of ruining his whole night and then finished up with his usual rant that I never understand about cab routes - even though for the most part we were having a good time together. If only the afterglow of his disco poo that he was so happy to tell me about had lasted longer...] However it was pretty fun.

Tomorrow looks like it will be a cracker. Cardinal is sanding her floors and has hired a machine to do it. I’m going over in my sweats just to watch! So cool! Tonight at the party I was explaining to Milan the reason why a particular wall had cracked in the house we were in and that in fact they could remove it an have a massive front room. It was a partition wall the land lord must have put in to make an extra bedroom.

Anyway, last time I sat at the computer drunk and late at night I ended up sending a Facebook message to XXCENSOREDXX saying ‘I saw you talking to some friends of mine at the party the other night and I was too nervous to come and say hi then. But I wanted to tell you that you were the most beautiful man in the room.’ Etc Etc. Suffice to say I have not heard back from him. And honesty, if he had replied to that message I don’t think I would have had a lot of respect for him. Instead he did what any normal person would – he immediately told the mutual friend, who rushed into Soho [possibly not any quicker] to tell Pippa all about it. When admitting my shame, I didn’t grill Pippa to find out any more about what was said – I can only imagine the guffaws between friends as he read out my message over the phone to her – I mean GOD I would have cut and paste the whole thing and put it on my blog if someone had sent it to me. The thing is, I can’t believe I actually did it as it is SO NOT what I would do. What deep and humiliating shame that I have endured. Over a week has passed since then though and I am pretty much over it and LOL to myself regularly about it. And the major disappointment was – when I first saw him in the club I thought he was Spanish or Italian – just some dude. Then Cardinal told me ‘OMG that’s XXCENSOREDXX’. So in fact he doesn’t speak with a swarthy European accent – I watched some video of him being interviewed and it wasn’t like my fantasy at all.

So, on that note, I am going to bed to have a real fantasy. And maybe the hot postman will arrive in the morning with another one of his packaged for me.

xx Lektrogirl

March 31, 2008


Megalithic Brap Hands!

Imagine if this was like the city of Pompeii and everyone got froze like this and dug up a gazillion years later.

And another amazing thing which should sort of go in the post below, or even in a post on it’s own with all the other stuff, here is the final view listing for the NY Underground Film Festival.

Travis Hallenbeck, “1.AVI,” 2007 (:10)
Paul Slocum, “New Veriform City,” 2006 (1:30)
Michael Bell-Smith, “Video Created to Fix Stuck Pixels in Computer Monitors Recast (with Soundtrack and Sunset) as Video to Fix Your Stuck Mind,” 2005 (:45)
Petra Cortright, “webcam girl pizza party disaster cat kitten dog snow effects,” 2007 (1:41)
Damon Zucconi, “One Thing Comes After the Other,” 2007 (1:24)
Travis Hallenbeck, “27.AVI,” 2007 (:08)
Charles Broskoski, “Me Doing Pushups,” 2007 (1:35)
C. Coy, “Elvis Action Painting,” 2007 (1:23)
Travis Hallenbeck, “11.AVI,” 2007
Paul Slocum, “Combat,” 2004 (3:00)
Tom Moody, “Hoedown,” 2007 (1:32)
Brian Blomerth, “For Kittenz By Kittenz,” YEAR? (2:08)
Joel Holmberg, “Earthlink Halloween,” 2007-2008 (3:26)
Marisa Olson, “Netacronyms,” 2007 (5:04)
Travis Hallenbeck, “32.AVI,” 2007 (:13)
John Michael Boling and Javier Morales, “Body Magic,” 2006 (2:25)
James Whipple, “Valis,” YEAR (4:20)
Kevin Bewersdorf, “Yes,” 2008 (1:09)
Michael Bell-Smith, “Hit By Bus,” 2007 (:16)
Guthrie Lonergan, “9 Short Music Videos,” 2005 (2:00)
Paul Slocum, “You’re Not My Father,” 2008 (3:54)
Guthrie Lonergan, “Sped Up Bob Dylan Karaoke File,” 2007 (:28)
Lektrogirl and Emma Davidson, “The Result,” 2007-2008 (2:51)
John Michael Boling and Javier Morales, “Blood Fantasy,” 2007 (5:00)

If you are in New York GO!! Don’t forget to email your friends, blog about this, and delish it. The Nasty Nets program is in the big theatre and we want a great turnout [obvs]…

So I better get off my arse and getting ready for this week which according to my horoscope is going to be MASSIVE.

xx Lektrogirl

March 30, 2008


Actually I’m feeling pretty exhausted. Lemme make like Craig David and fill U in.

Rewind to Thursday night when I went to YoYo with my HoHo’s at the Notting Hill Arts Club. I know that there are a lot of haters for this place and the club that it is but I will say I LOVE IT THERE cause there is absolutely no hating going on in there, loads of attitude [thug love], people are dressed up and the bar serves cocktails – there is always a happy hour cocktail! So G’ed up with the Sinus Spray and Cold and Flu tablets I was sitting sipping Honey and Grapefruit cocktails for the first half of the evening, then when Martello came on -

[Double screwface. Nice teeth.]

- I spent four hours dancing. In fact, Carrie and I even took our glasses off. It was really such a powerful moment. BOOYAH. The BEST part about the night though was instead of the breakdancers busting out which the small dicked lithe men sometimes do, this time the camera phones came out for some Poser-Popping ina big circle in the middle of the floor. Some serious shapes, signs and leans. Sorry for the blurry picture. I had my glasses off remember.

And here are my two pals with their own efforts.

The next day I wasn’t feeling too bad. Only bad enough to miss the postman ringing on the doorbell. However a full recovery was required for the launch of the incredible NIGHT SLUGS – Bok Bok and Manara’s night down at the Red Star once a month. For such a heavy date, dressing appropriately was required:

Which I have been told is straight gull-ee and fucking badgirl. Not bad for a Tasmanian G right? Someone has to regulate.

Before going, I had been having a deep an esoteric conversation with a friend about the kind of music that would be played. He said that generally bassline is a fake movement. That it only exists up North as something real and that probably it would be just full of bloggers anyway. Funny that – Prancehall, DJ Venom, Manara and Bok Bok all DJ’d and all have blogs. And I blog and I went there. However, my view on bassline and niche is that it is hilarious bouncy pop music and if a scene is ‘real’ or not I don’t care. It seems a bit like thinking yourself out of having too much fun to be academic about it. The party was filled with good time vibes.

I mean – check the look on Bok Bok’s face. It was good times all round!

Prancehall’s first track of the night was Snoop Dogg’s sexual/sensual seduction/eruption [sorry was too busy dancing to notice which version it was.] It really surprised me because I never pictured him as a particularly sensual guy [bubble bath and vanilla candles?] but his womanly thighs have been pointed out to me by more than one person so perhaps Prancehall feels something in his groin for Snoop Dogg, like I do. Prancehall played a great collection of grimetime hits and grunk and crip crop and areandbee. Good times. Where’s the beef? There is none. I was just feeling the love.

It was not a good time however after getting into bed at last at 6am to be woken by the postman at 7.30 delivering a package and he didn’t know if it was the one from yesterday or not because he had the day off yesterday. The postman is my most regular male visitor. Which is fitting as he delivers the mail.

Later that morning I had to get up again with some urgency cause by a certain set of co-incidences, my friend Koogs was making a website for Samwell [you know 'What What In The Butt'] and it had to be ready by yesterday evening. Urgh so some frantic .cssing .gifing and .htmling with serious party issues. Not my idea of a Saturday night – especially when Cardinal be calling me for another night out. Which I am so gutted I missed.

BUT there is an upside to being stuck at home – Marisa Olson from Nasty Nets asked me if I wanted to have my video ‘The Result’ screened at the NY Underground Festival on Friday, April 4th. The Nasty Nets DVD is finished and you will be able to buy it – a ‘coolection’ of all the best craps from the internet compiled by people from the Nasty Nets Crew. So – awesome. I am so happy! If you want to watch the video for ‘The Result’ in the comfort of your own living room:
<------ scroll down
<------ check the links
<------ you'll find it there.

Or if you are in New York:

Event InfoName: NASTY NETS at NYUFF – DVD release screening!
Tagline: As Nasty As U Wanna Be
Host: Marisa Olson
Type: Music/Arts – Jam Session
Time and PlaceDate: Friday, April 4, 2008
Time: 8:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: Anthology Film Archives
Street: 32 2nd Avenue
City/Town: New York, NY

Nasty Nets has just produced a DVD (with video & data for maximum pleasure!) and we’re releasing it in a screening called NASTY AS U WANNA BE at the 15th (and final) NY Underground Film Festival.

Please come and enjoy, and get your discounted dvd’s–$5 while supplies last!

Big thanks to RHIZOME for sponsoring the dvd & screening!

Nasty As U Wanna Be
Organized by Marisa Olson & the Nasty Nets with support from Rhizome.org

Identifying themselves as an “internet surfing club,” Nasty Nets is an international ensemble representing some of the most active artists working online today. Together their work both celebrates and critiques the internet by employing original and appropriated imagery and audio, such as animated gifs, YouTube hacks, html cheat codes, and other found and edited material, offering a poignant and humorous take on contemporary digital visual culture.

This event will serve as a release party for their new dvd, which features videos for dvd players, copious digital files to be opened on personal computers, and a type-in website by Michael Bell-Smith. Tonight’s screening will feature videos from the dvd and additional works by members of this 25-person crew.

Nasty Nets was founded by artists John Michael Boling, Joel Holmberg, Guthrie Lonergan, and Marisa Olson, and includes members Peter Baldes, Michael Bell-Smith, Camille Paloque Bergés, Kevin Bewers- dorf, Brian Blomerth, Charles Broskoski, Petra Cortright, Chris Coy, Paul B. Davis, Michael Guidetti, Britta Gustafson, Travis Hallenbeck, Chance Jackson, Lektrogirl, Tom Moody, Javier Morales, Paul Slocum, James Whipple, Robert Wodzinski, and Damon Zucconi. The Nasty Nets DVD is generously supported by Rhizome. Discs will be sold at a discount to NYUFF ticket-holders, at the festival, while supplies last. – Marisa Olson

Anyway I better get to bed cause I bet the postman will be here bright and early again in the morning. Which I am so not looking forward to.

xx Lektrogirl

March 25, 2008


Well I’m guessing that there wasn’t a lot going on for anyone over the Easter break cause come Saturday, my webstats were through the roof! Thanks for stopping by!

The ‘result’ of my long weekend is that I have a cold and spent yesterday in bed with Season 4 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation DVD’s [the LA one] and then got a total of 3 hours sleep last night. Today I am in my PJ’s listening to the Mr Martelo mixes he sent me chilling out in front of the heater. Cardinal is going to be excited to learn that I have to have a section of my wall ripped out to mend some damp and re-plastered just like her and I can’t wait to discuss the details with her.

I was also happy to read that Manara had said in one of her Flickr descriptions that I have a beautiful house

A shame that everything in the picture came from IKEA.

A trip to IKEA is more fun that a Racine / Wendy James gig any day of the week however. Last week or so I went with Pippa / Max / Paul Gazz / Caz / Jazz to the Bloomsbury Bowls to check out Wendy James’ band. I have to say it was pretty shockingly bad. Had she chosen her band to be the same age as her I think the show would have been more convincing. Sadly the show looked like a bit of a weird Whatever Happened to Baby Jane scenario. And none of the songs were dope.

I heard some really ‘dope’ songs on Sunday night when I went to GO BANG! at East Village on though. I was going to save writing about it until my sub-editor Alex T told me how to spell Nadia Kasaiba correctly but I was so happy I went out that I can’t resist writing soon. I’m sure that next time Alex has eaten a kebab he will be more than happy to breathe the after effects all over me and tell me about my shitty spelling. As per usual I had some spiritual moments with Alex as we discussed the universe. I cried AGAIN! [I know!!!] Which could either be the subject matter of the conversation OR the number of drinks I had consumed. My drink of choice was Malibu and Pineapple. Steph called it ‘The Summertime Ho’ but I think a better name for it is ‘The Sweat’. I was also very happy to meet Alex’s friend Amph who guessed I was 26 years old. I’m gonna guess he really thought I was about 29-30 and was being nice. Even so, he will be getting a Christmas card from me this year.

OMG. I just went to Flickr to get another picture to put online and you know what it said to me?

O HAI Lektrogirl!
Now you know how to greet people in Lolspeak!

Errr I don’t think so. I think Flickr just overstepped the mark there.

I got a ‘zimce’ [German for SMS] on my ‘handy’ from Mrs Vanderbilt in Berlin today. I miss them like crazy already. We went to Canteen the other day before they left and it was pretty terrible.

Bachelor Food. And the waiter didn’t find it funny when I asked him what his problem was that they didn’t have soya milk for a latte.

Oh this was cool: My nephew Tom who is two and I have this really amazing joke.

It is pretty complicated and esoteric so if you don’t get it, I kind of understand. Basically it works like this: I go up to him and say “What’s that smell?” and he thinks for a minute and then says “It’s me!!” Then we both crack up laughing. It even works over the telephone. It is a really great joke. In a few more years I will teach him a little more toilet humour and lesbian jokes. Anyway Tom is really into Cars and loves being a Jedi [Mum... Can you love a Jedi?] even though he has never managed to stay awake through one entire Star Wars movie.

xx Lektrogirl

March 15, 2008


Drx is in Bodenstanding 2000 and one of my best friends that I never see.

Here he is ‘back in the day’ cooking baked beans and shortly to drink Baileys in my old flat on Balmore Street.

One of the greatest micromusic.net hits of all time by my friend drx.

From the old lektrogirl.com website:
“our friendship started with me writing him some fan mail and then he wrote me back and then we just kept on writing. our friendship really developed after hours of online chat in micromusic – where we discuss such topics and daisy dee and the C.I.O. / scooter / eurodance / bobby “o” vs. frank farian / 101 things to do with hummous / all my boyfriend dramas / latest records to our collection and who will burn who at our next dj battle. sounds scintillating doesnt it?

drx is not only one half of the incredible band BODENSTANDIG 2000 [with bioBern] but an accomplished computer nerd and world renowned ‘talking dj’. [in fact drx is my second dj pupil] also drx is a VITAL member to have as part of the team if ever on tour djing around germany. i am so greatful he was with us when mollywood and i were doing the girl riot tour. mollywood took too many outfits and too much make up and couldn’t carry everything AND her record box so poor drx ended up carrying mollywood’s clothes along with all his own gear [he looked like one of the dwarves out of the louis vuitton ad.] drx got the last laugh though when we fell asleep on the train and he captuured us with his gameboy camera dribbling onto our shoulder from berlin to hamburg.”

xx Lektrogirl

March 3, 2008

Buy charles_bro_cool a Pro Account

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I am not really A complicated man to some . Im A hard worker , and I like making good money . But money is not everything , but it is A good access to A healthy life style . As long as it is earn honestly . But nothing beats the love of A good honest hard working woman , although in these times it may seem hard to believe that such A beautiful female really exists . I hold dear the faith an belief of GOD and his loving scripture when it comes to his females . I ask him to send me the best he has . But as we all know , no one is perfect . So I try to work with what he sends me . My faith is strong . There are so many beautiful ladies in this world. Who are each so beautiful in there own unique way . Its always fun , interesting , or sometimes wild, meeting A new person. I never find it dull.Although I’m shy and some what withdrawn. I do have A passionately wild and loving nature. Its all good, I just love to admire the female form. As for me , Im living my life in A comfortable fashion. I totally trust and believe in GODS holey scripture . GOD is all loving and understanding , so I feel good about it . No , Im not A whore monger . I like to deal with one lady at A time . Just want some one to love, and have them love me back. In my free time I do A little surfing on the web , mostly to check my E-Mail and to catch up with my friends . And maybe A little shopping . I have my own exercise machines at home so I can avoid those big smelly crowds at the gym . I also like spending time with my little dog OREO . He is not exactly the type of dog that I wanted . Really smaller then Im use to . But he was A birthday present . And he really grew on me . He left his little foot prints in my heart , so now he is apart of me . Im mostly A free spirited person . Who can be wild at times and there when you need me with A kind heart and A loving soul I have a great love and affection for all my family members. And I love them with an open heart and an open mind. The love I share with my family has taught me how to love and accept my friends and my loves with an open mind and heart. And this is good, as long as they accept me in the same way. And in the same rhythm I dont take no stuff off of losers & haters ether .

I’m Male and Single.

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Favorite Movies, Stars & Directors: Drunken Master 2 [1994] / Psycho [1960] / Pulp Fiction [1994] / Batman Begins [2005] / King Kong [2005] / The 40 year old virgin [2005] / The Craft / The Return of the Pink Panther / Richard Pryor- Here and now / MASH / And so on

February 22, 2008


I will tell you what is really amazing – reading 70’s cookbooks, looking at 80’s porn and reflecting on memorial pictures of dead families from the turn of last century with Bok Bok and Manara making vag, braap and minge jokes.

Good times. (Gross to the muffy prolaps beef curtains – and that was just the 70’s cookbook.)

xx Lektrogirl

February 7, 2008


Let me just come correct first:

I hated the first part, but I liked their bars. I laughed.
I really want to call the number on the window of the shop and talk to the man in there. I don’t know what I would say, but I would say something to him.

xx Lektrogirl

January 30, 2008

123456 BASS (MIX)

This was the December post for The New Dance Show. I haven’t stopped watching it since it went online. Some sexual man dancing. About 2 minutes in the music is phenomenal.

Now this show has got to be a winner – Cooking with Coolio.

Remember Gangsters Paradise? I was working in the Joseph consession at Harvey Nichols when that came out. That was my first job in London. We weren’t even allowed to wear open toed shoes and we had to wear suits. And I would spend my nights drinking at The Coach and Horses and Riki Tiks, going out in Shorditch didn’t even exist then, and clubbing at Smashing on Regent Street. There were girls I worked with a Joseph I wish I was still in contact with – Claudine, Maude and Jessica. And this is where I met Molly [Mollywood] who was to be a long standing partner in crime – not so much these days – but we sure did make a lot of trouble together! This is also where I met Reuben for the first time – covering him on the men’s floor when he couldn’t be bothered to come home from holiday in France with his girlfriend on time. We first met over the phone when I blasted him for being a loser and that he owed me big time for making me stand downstairs and miss out on all the commission I would have earnt upstairs. It wasn’t such a big loss – I met Martin Gore and Fletch from Depeche Mode shopping in there. And when Reuben [Hot Dog] came back, he and his girlfriend Pascale [C.I.B.] became too of my best friends. Good times.

xx Lektrogirl

December 21, 2007


Ahhh yes… two little lesbians. Me about 4 and my sister. This may or not be the same day that a goose but my hand. I have to say, getting goosed is really painful. Their jaw is really strong and they have almost got things like teeth. And I was just a delicate infant afterall.

I went into town today and had a look round in the antique shops there. Loads of old china [my new obsession] and in every corner it seems was another Golliwog!

Amazing hair.

I don’t know what you are allowed to say or not in the UK about Golliwogs. I’m guessing nothing – tho I have seen them for sale in a special cabinet in Hamley’s [Obvs the owners of Hamley's have issues. What do they think is gonna happen at night when all the lights go out? The Golliwogs are gonna race upstairs and steal Barbie's gash and make a Brats Doll?]

Before I get shanked for talking about Golliwogs I better start talking about something else… [FYI I used to have a girl black Cabbage Patch Kid and a white boy one.]Above is my new Paris brooch which is a little book with the postcards of Paris in it. The only thing that could have made this brooch better would be if it was scenes of Tasmania – then it would have had Mount Wellington, The Botanical Gardens and mini Mount Fuji, Port Arthur [where that nutter shot eveyrone], The Salmon Ponds [where they breed fish and there is slime on all the water and you can feed the salmon Twisties and they go crazy for them!], The Shot Tower [where they used to make bullets in the olden days], The Derwent Bridge [the day a boat crashed into it and people died when they drove over the edge of the bridge] and The Casino.

Then Mum and I spent the arvo gardening. I dressed for the occasion in a pale blue cotton sailor dress and leather gloves. I looked so amazing. I was out on the street pruning back this massive elm tree that was hanging too far over the fence.

Normally I would never allow myself to be photographed with my hair tied back – however this was for work purposes. I hate the idea of getting spiders in my hair. And of course we are talking about Australian spiders.

After hacking back the tree, Mum instructed me to rip out all the vine she didn’t want from the side fence which isn’t as easy as it sounded. I had to identify the outcast that was growing through the ivy from the jasmine which was also all mixed in and rip out the right kind. Then I had to rake the nature strip which sounds like something Swedish people do in the forest, but sadly no – in Australia some houses have the garden outside the fence we have to take care of too which really belongs to the council. Then I had to rake all the lawn where Mum had mowed it – and she is verging on being like David Beckham mowing the lawn in rows. By about this point I starting to feel very Christmassy and was thinking “Yeah this feels just like a normal Christmas. WOO HOO!!” I was quite excited. Then I had to bash in these stakes to tie back these plants. I told Mum I was going to whack her in the back of her head with the mallet for a joke. How we laughed. Then I had to use bits of rag not unlike Victorian strips [joke for Reu and Paca then! Good Times!] to tied back the apple tree. Then Mum made me cut all the dead heads off all the lavender which was amazing – the smell was incredible – not like a Granny’s knicker drawer at all but really sharp and fresh lavender. I was telling Mum what a good time I had working in the garden – I grew up doing this stuff. I was really happy. So today for one moment I knew who I was.

xx Lektrogirl

November 1, 2007


OMG Bitch Ass Darius reminded me of this show just now. OMG! I used to watch this when I was a little little girl!! Amazing. Life is good!

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