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February 17, 2009


Heritage Tomatoes & parsley

Khol rabi and parsley. Real nice.

Albion 2-4 Boundary Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DD
Tel: 020 7729 1051

January 29, 2009

Polish Pork

Polish meat platter

Eggs and Ham

Leila’s Shop 17 Calvert Ave London E2 7JP
Tel: +44 (0)20 7729 9789

January 24, 2009


Chocolate orange tart and Lemon tart.

Le Peche Mignon also stocks some French and Belgian kitchen basics and chocolates. In Summer their little garden is lovely. Occasionally they have a mini farmers market in the garden too. Shared table inside and good soya coffee!

The staff speak French and English.

Le Peche Mignon 6 Ronalds Road London N5 1XH
Tel: +44 (0) 207 607 1826


Vegemite toast and a soya latte

Milk Bar 3 Bateman Street, London, W1D 4AG
Tel: (020) 7287 4796

January 17, 2009


One of the things I did appreciate when I was in America was the highest level of customer service. Nothing was ever too much for the store assistance and they were never OTT. Unlike the Australian guy in Wild Honey the other day when I had lunch [sliced veal and green sauce, oxtail ossobuco ravioli and vacharin all washed down with a prosecco, clementine and Campari cocktail FYI.] He started to talk to me in posh Double Bay speak “What have WE got planned for the weekend? Are WE doing anything nice?” Urgh drove me insane. He ended up telling me about how he had been “Washing his smalls” on Tuesday…

So back to the customer service. This week I got some new glasses. Well I got two pairs cause I couldn’t decide. I went to this place called Spex In The City on Shorts Gardens in Covent Garden kind of on a whim – but also cause they had a fireplace in there which looked nice. I want to tell the whole world that not only am I so happy that I DO NOT look like I went to Specsavers any more, but I received some of the best customer service I have had in London for a long long time.

Gillian Caplan [FBDO] is the optician at Spex In The City. Horrible website, brilliant independent optician with loads of choice and stuff you don’t see everywhere else. I went in and said that I like wearing glasses and I don’t mind looking like a nerd and that I like things that are quite severe and cartoon character like. Then for as long as I wanted, Gillian was making me try on everything in the shop having a good laugh at all the stuff she thought would fit the description, and of course would be the right shape for my eyes and the prescription. I now know what exactly what my prescription means and all the measurements that go into it.

This is the first pair I got – a Japanese brand called Yellow Plus. I like them cause they look like German lesbian glasses from the 70’s and they look vintage but they weren’t perched on the nose of some woman with a moustache when she carked it [Dead people's clothes yes, but not on my face.] They will look great with satiny evening dresses, fancy hair-dos and pretty things.

These are French and made by Bruno Chaussignand. The Cardinal said they made me look like Nana Mouskouri. Personally, I don’t think that is a bad thing. But I think the first pair I chose were more Nana. This glasses are for when I want to pretend I am a Swiss New Media artist or Danish furniture designer and are for wearing with denim and desert boots.

Anyway – whatever ridiculous stories I concoct in my head to get myself dressed in the morning and justify my face – it cannot be argued that Spex In The City is one of the best independent boutiques in London and the best optician I ever went to. I also told Gillian I would recommend her store and service to everyone I know.

If you do ever drop by, tell her hi from me – but I suspect it won’t be long before I am back getting my sunglasses all changed to prescription lenses cause I know the frames will be in good hands.

xx Lektrogirl


London’s best optician in Covent Garden. INCREDIBLE service.

Spex In The City 1 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9AT
Tel: +44 20 7240 0243

December 23, 2008


I won’t tell you the address. You will feel so much better like you found your own secret if you find it yourself.

December 15, 2008


Duck egg and beetroot salad

The Bull And Last 168 Highgate Road, London NW5 1QS
Tel: +44 (0)20 726 73641

October 19, 2008


Poached eggs, baked beans, bacon, sausage, mushroom & tomato. A full English breakfast

Chicken Schnitzel, egg & anchovies.

Café Mozart 17 Swains Lane, London, N6 6QX
Tel: +44 (0)20 8348 1384

October 9, 2008


Fish finger sandwich

Macaroni Cheese with spinach

Black cod and perfectly braised baby fennel

Roast pumpkin & beetroot salad

Boheme Kitchen and Bar 19 – 21 Old Compton Street London W1D 5JJ
Tel +44 (0)20 7734 5656

August 6, 2008

Le Peche Mignon

The greatest Croque Monsieur in London

Summer garden

Le Peche Mignon 6 Ronalds Road London N5 1XH
Tel: 07790 778537

July 7, 2008


2008!!! F.B.I. [that's French LOLspeak for 'fausse bonne idée']

Apart from all the stuff do do with work I have dealt with this year, financial woes, being ill, getting mugged etc [sorry to whinge] TODAY I got stuck in the rain, forgot my PIN for my only bank account with any money in it, nearly got run over by some ‘youth’ on his bicycle burning round the corner on the pavement and AM GRAPPLING WITH MY OLD PHONE WITH THE STUPID KEYPAD FOR THE LETTERS. All the while trying not to send out too many hate vibes to the universe.

On the plus side, Max rang me today and started to sing this:

Which is super funny cause it is the kind of thing my sister would do [only she would sing 'You Give Love A Bad Name' or 'Living On A Prayer' more likely]

Oh the Little Witch just rang me and I can’t remember all the anti complaining I was going to do but I had a good laugh about The Twin, A Dog’s Life and getting your period etc. SGT [serious girl's talk].

Aussi j’ai parlé avec le Parisian Jew et i told him my latest stories which he declared ‘Hyper Mignon’ et non il n’est pas un PD. En fait he was on his way out to buy sexy presents for his girlf.

In other super exciting news: This Wednesday night it is the launch of the Antony Price “PRICELESS” line for TOPMAN with a party at TRAMP! I have seen the upcoming collection in mock ups of the look book as Max has been working with ‘Mrs’ Price very closely putting the project together. I think the collection looks great. Sadly I won’t have my camera :((( but I think Madame, Mrs Kipling, Caz [fellow Aussie Babe] will all be there and have their snappers out so I will be raiding their photo’s like crazy for the blog. Anyway I have to totally rework the look I was going to be wearing now my Jas MB clutch has gone. I’d been thinking about it for days… Shit… What is a girl to do?

You know I will tell you something good – I loved walking back from the High Street today where I got rained on to see all the giant puddles and massive floods cause all the drains are blocked around here by leaves, twigs, petals, bits from people pruning their hedges and maybe a bit of dog crap in a plastic bag and the occasional Mc Donald’s sauce lid container. It seems so civilised. Rather than in East London where I know that the drains are all blocked by chicken bones, knives, odd sneakers, eviction notices, more chicken bones and somewhere my forlorn belongings never to be seen again. A parochial mentality I know, but my mentality none the less.

xx Lektrogirl

June 24, 2008


Steak with Bubble and Squeak

Salmon Fish Cakes

This was back in 2008 when service was still from the bar. Now in 2010 The Star has full table service.

The Star 47 Chester Road London N19 5DF
Tel: +44 (0)207 263 9067

June 20, 2008


Mixed with beer. Who knew what a great hang over that would make? It definitely was a potion that removed all pain from my neck and shoulder allowing me to vibe along to R Kelly [My mind's telling me no.....] until this morning when I’m a crippled WRECK.

Here I am a 100% Babe Hair Babe so totally in love with myself I can’t even look at Paul Pieroni. We had been to this exhibition at his gallery, seventeen, earlier.

Where the Cardinal and I had made this. It was great. Other visitors to the gallery saw it and were adding bottles like they were supposed to. I supposed no-one saw the value in the art there and it has been swept away. But whatever.

We bumped into Jenny Jenny in the street who was more than happy to pose with Lady. The Cardinal bought Lady from Nathaniel’s new shop on Hackney Road full of the most amazing stuff.

See! Amazing! Jewellery, Clothes, Buttons, Music manuscripts, calligraphy practice, Gypsy Recipe Cook Books… all sorts…

And last night was the first night I met Phil. I mean WHAT A TOTAL BABE. [Not The Cardinal... I mean Chipstix Phil] His pictures on Facebook to date have not done him justice. He really is a handsome man! And so funny!!!

“Rambo” in a lonely pub

Giving birth is a Playa’s Game.

Anyway – last night was major jokes and my body hurts too much to detail everything.

Paul Peroni definitely not fooling anyone.

We are SOOOO sad that Single White Female [DIAF] hates us.

I’m feeling so rough now and want to lie, cry and die right now I have to go. I will leave you with this beautiful Andrew Sisters song to reflect upon.

Thank you Captain Morgan.

xx Lektrogirl

June 10, 2008


Pisco Sour, Lagerita, Pisco Kid

It is a fancy steak restaurant. I never ate there but the drinks were good.

Gaucho, 64 Heath Street, NW3.
Tel: 020-7431 8222

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