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March 14, 2015



November 19, 2011


I am more there than there these days. I want to keep writing about food, but don’t think it is the most savoury of reads when pictures of my vajayjay or someone else penis in the form of an engraving covered in pustulant boils interspersed with HML keep popping up.

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August 17, 2011


I [knowlingly] at my first sharon fruit today. Also known as persimmon. Pretty nice – a cross between apricot and mango I think.

Later today I am going to try making cucumber jelly.

August 10, 2011


I haven’t got out of bed today. I have put on a shirt because I am first thing going to get some chili for a cinnamon chicken marinade I started last night. But the pj drawers are still on.

In the wake of the rioting, looting, mugging, murdering, BBMing and damage to everything thing and everyone in London (and the rest of the UK) what is going to happen now?

Who am I going to blame for this happening? Who will be responsible for cleaning this all up? Who will make plans for this to never happen again?

I will only blame myself.
I will hold the Government responsible for cleaning up and rebuilding.
I will ask everyone in London to make plans for this to never happen again.

I am going to write to Boris, and the other one – the PM etc and I will tell them:
I don’t like what happened in my town.
I don’t like what they are spending money on.
I don’t want them to continue spending money on overseas relief until everyone in this country is back on the straight and narrow. Don’t start a row in this country over who is rich and who isn’t and who should pay what tax. Worry about it later. Stop spending money on other peoples problems. Britain is a great country.
I want more money invested into things like assisting small business, training for people, education, sports grounds, good food for everyone – basically access to everything I had when I was growing up in Australia. And I was on the poor list. But I had everything.
I would like money invested in projects that rehabilitate those who spent time burning things down. For example, maybe this is a bit too hippy and freewheeling but – The Sony Warehouse – I bet they had no idea that there were so many independent record labels inside. The name Sony although being true is also a little misleading. I think I would like projects for these criminals to make their own independent labels, recording, producing and performing. I would like to see more mentoring projects, adult advocate projects, art projects, fostering projects, more youth workers, parenting projects, apprenticeships, work experience opportunities – small business funded to take on work experience people…

I would personally like to be in a financial position to start something like Lektrolab again. However silly it may seem. Its something. I would also like to be in a position at my office to advertise nationally that I will take on a girl for a months work experience in our office, paid for £200 per week plus travel (same as we pay our student placements please note everyone else in the fashion industry), who will admit she participated in the riots and looting because she felt she had nothing else to do, no alternative and there is nothing for her. I have been poor, homeless, jobless. I will show her what is possible.
I need to think what I can actually do myself. I dont have answer yet.

So I blame myself because I never told these guys before. I dont know who they spend their days and nights talking to, but I would like them to listen to me. But I have to speak up first. Personally I dont think they will follow my blog or twitter so I need to go out of my comfort zone here.

I dont know if I trust to Government to clean up properly. I think it will be more community action from the people with brooms and the Turkish neighbourhood showing what its like to care about your community. That is sad isnt it.

And everyone else: please dont pass the buck. It is very easy to say “This is not my problem what can I personally do, it not my fault anyway” and blame someone else. I am feeling so disheartened myself having written this far thinking “What the fuck? Whatever you do you get shit on by someone.” But the difference between me and the rioters is, I give a shit so I might as well have a go at making it better – or next time I might as well join in with the riots.

June 22, 2011


May 31, 2011


In the olden days, before people wrote on live journal and chose their mood and put what music they were listening to, what did people do?

Made fanzines
Made badges
Made mix tapes
Started a band
Wrote really shit prose [maybe the same as a live journal entry]
Dyed their hair
Read magazines
Went to their friends house
Rode a horse [in the really olden days]
Silk screen printing their own record sleeve or t-shirt

Needless to say where this post is going.

May 15, 2011


Subject: You have received a new message

All pompoms in the area must be on high alert. Your security is not assured. Predator in the area. Armed and dangerous. If you see her coming DO NOT APPROACH. Take cover and remain calm. Call 911. I repeat all pompoms must be on high alert.

You can reply to this message once for free…
Just click on ‘reply’, type in your message (you’ve got a maximum of 500 characters) and click ’send’. It’ll go straight to the sender’s mobile phone, so they don’t need to be on their PC to receive it. You can only reply once to each MMS you receive, so make sure it’s a good’n!

You’ve got a chance to reply until 21/05/2011.

May 6, 2011


Phil Thompson made the film. Thomas Whitehead edited it. Ceephax Acid Crew made the music. Jess Dickenson wore her pyjamas and a gang of other cool people dressed up as dogs. I made the props and masks. God made the dogs.

February 27, 2011


Barbequed fish balls on a stick – ate one and the rest went in the bin
Taiwan noodles and chicken – in the bin too
Hotel buffet breakfast – bin style
Gigantic sausage looking thing that looked like it was stuffed with intestines on a stick – as if

Only good things : Chai Latte, Matcha Latte, CO2 Ginger beer, matcha bread, donuts at coffee corner, cherry tomatoes, watermelon already

So far, everything else – bin

I found the street today where all the stuff is for sale that ends up in places like IKEA – all those moulded plastic lights for kids were in one shop. Actually not sure if it was technically a shop as I couldnt really tell where the pavement ended and the store began and it was mountains of stuff hmmm… I also went down the street that seems to stock a lot of the same bakeware that get stocked in Paris [Maybe more like AK Warehouse]. You have to check because you can really tell some of it is a bit shit but got some wicked things. Forgot to get the womens toilet sign. Was especially beautiful.

Im going to get a room service burger for my first proper “meal”. I knew I should have gone to the Outback Steak House. I AM CRAVING BEETROOT.

February 26, 2011


A proper mug of milky honey soya milk tea would be great right now.

Instead, I can only dream of the donuts in the shape of pretzels in “coffee corner” downstairs in the lobby until that opens.

Had a thing that was trying very hard to be a pear. Didnt taste of anything and looked almost like a mini quince. Wont eat the complimentary apple. Its a red one and looks plastic. I read Snow White.

In one of the interview I was doing today, someone said I should start a blog about food and travel. I said “Oh no I would never have a blog. So time consuming and I have nothing to say.” Then I remembered I have one. But didnt admit it. How can you back track that?

I see there is a new club philos in April. BRILLIANT. Something to come home for then.


Day two in Hong Kong or does it count as day one as yesterday was a total blur of interviewing candidates after a 12 hour flight?!

How much do I love Hong Kong and would move here in a second if my life was as easy to shift as it would be to make up my mind… There are such funny characters with old dirty sweatshirts, sock and sandles, gold chains, spikey hair and moody acne, wispy whiskers and whiskery fish, sweet flours and really ugly fruit not sure what they are suburban desperation, cultural tragedy, IKEA and MEGABOX, namco games world for toddlers, sweet salty dried fungus [that when I want to barf], and meat bleeding into the street. A bit like how I used to love arriving in Heathrow before I got used to it.

I nearly wet myself in a taxi last night, fainted in a supermarket today, cried in a hotel room tonight. Tomorrow I might be fine.

Hong Kong.

January 26, 2011


Does this happen to you too? Everything thing is going really well but then it dawns on you its all a bit too much and you feel a bit sick?

January 24, 2011


It’s Anthony’s birthday soon.

French class tomorrow.

Hobart has a new flat.

Work is exhausting.

January 1, 2011


Happy New Year to you and also happy New Year to me.

Unfortunately my neighbours just got home again from I guess the Heath and are going to play their shit handbag house again. First job of 2011: Act like a total Grinch. [The said they would turn it down! Spanish lady - ugly fucker revealed!! OMG!]

Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve was so good Anthony and I cooked the gammon in cider again for dinner tonight and learnt how to play Call My Bluff.

The last few weeks I have still been ill, still getting better, woke up this morning with my nose bleeding and I seriously wonder “will this ever end”.

We went down to Greenwich for a city mini break and went to the The Old Brewery and the Union – two Meantime establishments. One a pub and one a restaurant and bar. It was brilliant. Went to The Junk Store and bought a Worthington E jug and a melting letter E in gold that looks a bit like the Cramps font.

Hobart is hissing like a little bitch as per usual. I dont know how the next year will go.

I dont know.

December 19, 2010


Did I say already how much I hate the snow?

Last night I raked the snow up from outside my front door and on the pavement and for my neighbours as well – I REALLY ENJOYED THAT but other wise FUCK IT.

Still ill. :(

At my friends house who have a turtle and a bird. :)

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