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May 15, 2011


Subject: You have received a new message

All pompoms in the area must be on high alert. Your security is not assured. Predator in the area. Armed and dangerous. If you see her coming DO NOT APPROACH. Take cover and remain calm. Call 911. I repeat all pompoms must be on high alert.

You can reply to this message once for free…
Just click on ‘reply’, type in your message (you’ve got a maximum of 500 characters) and click ’send’. It’ll go straight to the sender’s mobile phone, so they don’t need to be on their PC to receive it. You can only reply once to each MMS you receive, so make sure it’s a good’n!

You’ve got a chance to reply until 21/05/2011.

May 14, 2011


Anthony came in last night to reveal some VERY exciting news. STEVE ALBINI HAS A FOOD BLOG !! Who knew?!

Steve Albini is Anthony’s hero. Maybe this is why I got to sit down to a yummy dinner of cauliflower cheese last night with charcuterie courtesy of Anthony’s fair mandible?

To try and explain this the other way round, it would be like Didider Mathray and Nathalie Robert starting an Italo disco music blog.

In other news, we are going to have Ayia Napa day in the office after I remembered that Pied Piper song. DJ Bobo was a big hit but Blackout Crew was not :(

May 11, 2011



Well the real menu was:

Asparagus with potted shrimp
Steak with beetroot and baked cauliflower
Rhubarb & Orange Meringue Pie
Tesco Chocolates [from Anthony]

Lime is optional.


Even though today I have to go to the doctor again, tonight I am making a fancy dinner from the Mark Hix seasonal cookbook. Of course ignoring all the seasons and changing all the recipes because neither of us like offal. What is very interesting though is there are many examples throughout the book of different cuts or “fish offal” I never knew about – like cod have tongues you can eat! Who knew!!?? [Its not really the tongue but a cut from near there.] You can also eat their cheeks!

Between you and me I thought Mark Hix was a bit of a prick – not because I ever met him but because he charges £1.50 for a little bowl of twiglets as bar snacks if you just have cocktails and no food. [His restaurant Hix is just down the road from my office.] Now I suspect he is just frugal. He knows how to knock the goodness out of every piece of a fish. See here for example. I never tried those recipes so cant say anything but they don’t look too hard.

He also makes a good environmental point about fish – if you are gonna eat it, dont throw half of it away.

Also, when you go buying his book don’t say to the shop keeper “He isnt a really good looking bloke is he?” because it will turn out the shop keeper is his mate. As happened to me. Ooops.

May 7, 2011


I was in Soho today to get a massage in an attempt to get my headache removed. Walking down Charing Cross Road afterwards I popped into one of the second hand bookshops there and was lucky enough to find a copy of a booked that first belonged to Alison Harvey at Xmas in 1943 if the inscription is to be believed. There is a nice notice inside “THE TYPOGRAPHY AND BINDING OF THIS BOOK CONFORM TO THE AUTHORIZED ECONOMY STANDARD”. With a Z. Like Liza with a Z and not Lisa with an S. How strange for a British Wartime Book. Anyway, the book is John Fothergill’s COOKERY BOOK with pages in it dedicated to ENTREES: broad beans, au gratin, cauliflower, cheese rice. EGG SAUCES: asparagus, anchovy, beetroot, cheese, haddock, kipper…


Done hard with graetd onions and chopped fine.


The egg is whill whisked in a cup with some milk, pepper adn salt, and whipped into the soup when it is boiling. Continue to boil for a minute.

This book is both amazing and hilarious.

John Fothergill was a well-known author and innkeeper. If he liked you he would go to great lengths to make you welcome; if he thought you were unworthy of his hospitality, he wasted no time in making that clear.

My new hero.

May 6, 2011


Phil Thompson made the film. Thomas Whitehead edited it. Ceephax Acid Crew made the music. Jess Dickenson wore her pyjamas and a gang of other cool people dressed up as dogs. I made the props and masks. God made the dogs.

May 4, 2011


It’s good to be back.

March 7, 2011


it si brilliant when you overhear someone say “cUppAcino”. You know you have really arrived home.
Food is cheap, wetther is good, cars are old and the g’days come free. There are things like proper restaurants now, the best gallery in the world (build in an excavated cave no less showing everything from old coins to waterfalls displaying words generated by google in jets and everything in between)
Only Hobart lives in London spending life as a cat and the largest monolith in my life is called Anthony.
After three days with my mother I know only too well how it is with nuclear strength I can work happily alongside my boss who seems to thrive on stress – as much as she denies it.
There is an escalator somewhere putting me off. Im going to go buy a solo or something.

February 27, 2011


Barbequed fish balls on a stick – ate one and the rest went in the bin
Taiwan noodles and chicken – in the bin too
Hotel buffet breakfast – bin style
Gigantic sausage looking thing that looked like it was stuffed with intestines on a stick – as if

Only good things : Chai Latte, Matcha Latte, CO2 Ginger beer, matcha bread, donuts at coffee corner, cherry tomatoes, watermelon already

So far, everything else – bin

I found the street today where all the stuff is for sale that ends up in places like IKEA – all those moulded plastic lights for kids were in one shop. Actually not sure if it was technically a shop as I couldnt really tell where the pavement ended and the store began and it was mountains of stuff hmmm… I also went down the street that seems to stock a lot of the same bakeware that get stocked in Paris [Maybe more like AK Warehouse]. You have to check because you can really tell some of it is a bit shit but got some wicked things. Forgot to get the womens toilet sign. Was especially beautiful.

Im going to get a room service burger for my first proper “meal”. I knew I should have gone to the Outback Steak House. I AM CRAVING BEETROOT.

February 26, 2011


A proper mug of milky honey soya milk tea would be great right now.

Instead, I can only dream of the donuts in the shape of pretzels in “coffee corner” downstairs in the lobby until that opens.

Had a thing that was trying very hard to be a pear. Didnt taste of anything and looked almost like a mini quince. Wont eat the complimentary apple. Its a red one and looks plastic. I read Snow White.

In one of the interview I was doing today, someone said I should start a blog about food and travel. I said “Oh no I would never have a blog. So time consuming and I have nothing to say.” Then I remembered I have one. But didnt admit it. How can you back track that?

I see there is a new club philos in April. BRILLIANT. Something to come home for then.


Day two in Hong Kong or does it count as day one as yesterday was a total blur of interviewing candidates after a 12 hour flight?!

How much do I love Hong Kong and would move here in a second if my life was as easy to shift as it would be to make up my mind… There are such funny characters with old dirty sweatshirts, sock and sandles, gold chains, spikey hair and moody acne, wispy whiskers and whiskery fish, sweet flours and really ugly fruit not sure what they are suburban desperation, cultural tragedy, IKEA and MEGABOX, namco games world for toddlers, sweet salty dried fungus [that when I want to barf], and meat bleeding into the street. A bit like how I used to love arriving in Heathrow before I got used to it.

I nearly wet myself in a taxi last night, fainted in a supermarket today, cried in a hotel room tonight. Tomorrow I might be fine.

Hong Kong.

February 20, 2011


Tonight we went to the new Ottolenghi restaurant Nopi. Then we went to the Trocadero looking for Hitty Mouse. They didnt have it but there was a lot of other stuff. We won enough tickets to swap for a plushy loveheart with arms and legs that we brought home and rubbed with catnip and gave to Hobart. She licked it good. It was really dribbly when she finished with it.

Tomorrow I am going to try cooking dim sum for the first time. If I fail, I am going to try and enrol in the cooking school in Hong Kong for the day when I am there.

Then we watched two episodes of SVU and one of Criminal Minds.

It must be really late and I must be really tired because I am frowning.

February 19, 2011


So everyone will have just finished their panicking filling in their SA103 personal tax return forms. This week I have been doing returns for the two most successful quarters ever while trying to arrange a trip to the Choco Cat Cafe in Hong Kong in between interviewing Product Developers who specialise in Bags, Shoes and Leather Accessories and make sure I have some good maps to restaurants and a dim sum menu translated to take with me. Suffice to say mega VAT bill cause so much work. Brilliant.

And yes, were are a little overdue. And our name ends up at the desk where someone calls you from HMRC just to check everything is in order and they can expect payment when?! Usually that is all swell and its all sorted, money paid and I am happy and so is the professional caller at HMRC.


How rude and unprofessional!

I had one boss rip up an envelope because my handwriting wasn’t neat enough by his standards and the stamp wasn’t square. A bit of a nutter yes (he peeled the unused stamp off and glued it onto the new envelope) but his sentiment was completely correct – IF YOU ARE GOING TO ASK FOR MONEY, DO IT NICELY.



Thanks you Mrs Sawinathan.

February 15, 2011


Well as posting is almost once a month at the moment I should take this opportunity while I have the edit window open to write something for a change.

Health Update : cold [still] visited doctor sinus infection antibiotic and nasal ointment thrush now [brilliant] but hopefully will be better by the end of the month because

Travel Update : IM GOING TO HONG KONG AGAIN FOR WORK to look for product developers based in Hong Kong who have worked in the EU luxury industry but I am there for 5 days so will be able to do a bit of personal research into the food / pet stores / trash shops / button & trim shops and of course, pompom ville. Hobart gets all her pompoms from there to date. Then I am off to see

Family Update : Dad in Tassie for four days. We are going to cook lunch together at Mums one day, I am going to check out Jackman and McRoss again apres pot conversations with Richard about the lack of cake shops in Turnpike Lane and also to check out MOMA or whatever it is called – the brilliant [apparently] gallery there with my mum and her mate Helen and her teenage son Gus who was pissed off we didnt get to see each other last time. He is hilarious.

Restaurant Update : The Eating Still Goes On.
Mason & Taylor on Bethnal Green Rd totes worth it if you like to try different beers [the even do thirds] and nice food.
Wahaca finally – cant stop thinking about the pork.
Goldfish in Hampstead [on East as well I think] for the Sunday dim sum buffet. Doesnt look much from the outside, or even inside for that matter, but all you can eat dim sum straight from the kitchen all delicious.
Did I say about The Meantime Brewery already? Must have done – top recommendation eating food where they brew their beer and a menu that has beer recommendations great food.
NOPI – Ottolenghi restaurant open in Soho so dinner on Saturday night. SO EXCITED. Then going to the Trocadero afterwards.

Adventure Update : Clacton-on-sea
I have 255 tickets and we are planning on going back again because I want to win more that a box of pencils.

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