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July 10, 2008


Tonight Mr Crisps and I made jokes about our chosen Muslim names while we sat and had dinner at Wong Kei. I know – Wong Kei and me have had tough times. I’m still not convinced. Mt Crisps name came out something like “Something Giraffe” and mine was “No email” – I picked my name to be after Naima who works at Feasts Cafe. Anyway this is all by the by cause the real crux of this post is to show you the work of a true artist, Sara Manara. You cannot get a better gif than this:

I swear to you – it is the BOMB. Which is probably not the best choice of analogies but you know what I mean. OJ LOL. [Own Joke LOL as coined by the Air Commodore today.]

Then tonight I was at Tramp for the Antony Price party. I was so happy to meet Mrs Price after all this time. He made some good jokes and his glasses were BOSS like a cab driver from Ghana. YGM. And you can’t beat that. Ampofo I wish you were there. Hopefully photos to follow soon from Madame and Cazza. Though Cazzaroo was pretty shit faced when I left and quite possible won’t be waking up tomorrow until quite late. Her hair was FABULOUS though.

I have to go to bed though. Oh yeah I saw Brian Ferry. And I am the proud owner of a new sterling silver vase.

xx Lektrogirl

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