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May 26, 2008


RuskiLektro, originally uploaded by Michael O’Neill!.

Oh God! I’m getting hotter and hotter as the long weekend draws to a close. Here you can see me at DJ Venom’s birthday dinner getting instruction from Manara on how to be a good Muslim. I think it is a good look and now I know the difference between strict Muslims, Persian Muslims and the Queen Mother as far as scarves go.

So much happened this weekend. First part of the Lady Gang met and went to the Fervent Moon party and Louis Enchant├ęs DJing was most delicious. After that we went to The Star for the new Say Yes party. Whoever was DJing there played “Circus Bells” by Robert Armarni. A highlight of that party. Then we traipsed down Cambridge Heath Road only for The Cardinal to get a wine bottle stuck down her jeans.

It was an emotional moment. Tragedy was averted when she realised she could get it out again by just undoing her jeans. We were all pretty waste, YGM by then – not too bad. But obvs enough to not be thinking logically. Venom and the Air Commodore had to piss in a side street together. I wonder if they were rubbing willies?

Then we all made it to some party in Dalston and I have to say that I really hate it round there – no offence to the locals – but in my minds eye, this is what Dalston looks and smells like:

I’m up for being better educated like from Ladette to Lady, though after having to make myself puke before I thought I could stomach any breakfast, I don’t think making it to the status of Lady is gonna happen any time soon. I rolled home late in the day hoping to grab 40 winks only the Cardinal and I really needed to have a lengthy conversation before we were due to meet in about 3 hours, even though we had spent the whole night at a party together as well. I cannot divulge what it was exactly we spoke about – I’m sure my stalkers who come here looking for dirt, haters who come here with nothing better to do and my dad who comes looking for titty pics would love to know – only I will say the Cardinal came up with the line that has cracked me up ever since – “God, what do guy’s think we talk about? Nail polish?” Well, true dat.

So after no sleep, that night at the Tate Modern in the Turbine Hall me and my two friends settled down on our little cushions that looked like kickboards from a learn to swim class to check out “Past-Potential- Furtures: Early Experiments in Computer Animation.”

I didn’t take these videos – someone else did and I think that this person was the one who was fucking me off the whole night with their camera cause the back light of the display on their camera was so bright it was burning the corner of my eye…

GOOGOLPLEX – Lillian Schwartz and Kenneth Knowlton


Though my absolute favourite was CIBERNETIK 5.3 from 1965 by John Sterhura. And check this out – look at his banging URL http://cyberanimation.tripod.com/ I always regret not having a tripod site or angel fire. So ghetto.

Anyway so I was totally in another world watching these. So happy!

Then tonight after the laziest day ever, spent all of it in bed and watching Starsky and Hutch:

[Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughan and Snoop Dogg - Ben Stiller can make jokes to get me in the mood and the other three can do what ever they want to this princess.] we all went to a Russian restaurant for Venom’s birthday where I ate this:

And so now night night everyone.

xx Lektrogirl

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