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May 7, 2011


I was in Soho today to get a massage in an attempt to get my headache removed. Walking down Charing Cross Road afterwards I popped into one of the second hand bookshops there and was lucky enough to find a copy of a booked that first belonged to Alison Harvey at Xmas in 1943 if the inscription is to be believed. There is a nice notice inside “THE TYPOGRAPHY AND BINDING OF THIS BOOK CONFORM TO THE AUTHORIZED ECONOMY STANDARD”. With a Z. Like Liza with a Z and not Lisa with an S. How strange for a British Wartime Book. Anyway, the book is John Fothergill’s COOKERY BOOK with pages in it dedicated to ENTREES: broad beans, au gratin, cauliflower, cheese rice. EGG SAUCES: asparagus, anchovy, beetroot, cheese, haddock, kipper…


Done hard with graetd onions and chopped fine.


The egg is whill whisked in a cup with some milk, pepper adn salt, and whipped into the soup when it is boiling. Continue to boil for a minute.

This book is both amazing and hilarious.

John Fothergill was a well-known author and innkeeper. If he liked you he would go to great lengths to make you welcome; if he thought you were unworthy of his hospitality, he wasted no time in making that clear.

My new hero.

October 29, 2009


Criminal Law and Procedure

Criminal Law and Procedure

Criminal Law and Procedure

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