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May 9, 2010


Just left Mum’s.

As I was leaving, Dad came round the corner in his wheelchair like a long lost cowboy getting pushed by one of his carers crying. It was awful. So I was crying. Then my Aunt decided it was the right time to take my photo. Awful. And I wanted to hug Mum and not cry cause we had a pretty awful time except for a newly discovered common bond over The Sheild. And my sister and I had no time at all. She had told Mum she doesn’t really like me, Mum told me, I sent my sister a text telling her I heard what she said but I would rather hear it from her than Mum. She replied with the one word that my ex used to use that shattered me in the same way.

‘Awesome. ‘

And then I didn’t hear from her for the rest of the trip, not even to say good bye.

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