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June 26, 2008


Today has been a total:

Everything has gone wrong! No spiritual vibes love synchronisity for me – Sandy Morton you can Eff Off. Get up after only 4 hours sleep, meeting times fucked, money fucked, head fucked, cooking fucked.

WHY DO I BOTHER? It better not rain tomorrow – I have some errands in town and I want to wear my Marni shoes.

I even tried to make a vlog like the girls below to cheer myself up AND THE BATTERY WENT DEAD.

I’m gonna get my Anna Sui nail polish remover out and talk to it for a while instead – trying not to drink it – and get into bed and cry me a river.

Oh – on a positive note:

Cause I was so miserable today I bought myself these and I love them.

And what am I listening to? Fuck Em by David Banner.

I’m no 314 or 618, but where I am at on the Route of the 393 it sounds pretty good to me.

xx Lektrogirl

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