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October 26, 2007


Last night I spent hours working on amazing spreadsheets containing all the information for the Katharine Hamnett SS08 wholesale orders. I love my new computer screen. I had five workbooks open at once. Chats with Bitch Ass Darius, Prancehall, Bok Bok, Manara in the AIM about various matters. Some long tings, some casual matters. Vibing to an assessment mix of DJ Venoms’, then some mix of Kenny Kingston’s that B.A.D. sent me and then some cool mix by Girl U No It’s True. Total vibes with me and the Windows music visuals and Excel.

I got to work this morning and my assistant started first track up REGULATE!!! Blud – he is my boy!! Then all the other end of the room came in [the PR end!] and started playing all the new Take That stuff and Tears for Fears.

OMG – split hearing! You get me!!

DJ Guy sent me a link today though for a new mix that I want to share with the world too on Dickride.com

Here is the track listing:
Bitch Ass Darius – Ride Wit Me (NES Records)
DJ Guy – Bucked Up (Global Fire)
Professor X – Professor X (Saga) (Techno Kut)
Eerk & Jerk – Eerk & Jerk (House Mix) (Shantell Records)
Model 500 – Future (Metroplex)
DJ Guy – Big Pussy (Global Fire)
Bass Tribe – Dance Like A Freak (X-Tend-A-Freak Club Mix) (Pandisc)
Bitch Ass Darius – G**K Hoez (NES Records) <---- A PERSONAL FAVOURITE FYI
DJ Guy – The Raw (Global Fire)
Stone Age – Raw Dog (acapella) (MCA)
DJ Assault – Livin’ The (Good Life) (Jefferson Ave)
DJ Guy – Who Wanna (Global Fire)
Ectomorph – Parallax View (Interdimensional Transmissions)
Freestyle – Don’t Stop The Rock (Pandisc)
Disco D – D-Down (Intuit-Solar)
Electric Soul – X2 (Electrofunk)
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Just Vibe (Acapella) (Interscope)
DJ Slugo – Smoke-N-Ride (Dance Mania)
Emynd & Bo Bliz – Get F’d Up (Flamin’ Hotz)
AJ McGhee – Have A Drink (Thorn Entertainment)
DJ Guy – The Runner (Global Fire)
P-Dog – Got This Feeling (M.A.P.)

And here is the link here. http://forum.dickride.com/viewtopic.php?t=783


xx Lektrogirl

August 14, 2007


There is something quite romantic waking up and hearing the rain hitting the leaves on the trees in my little garden. But the romance fucking ends when I have to get out of bed and get ready for work. I hate it when the weather is like this – WHAT TO WEAR? You end up either too hot or too cold… I guess I will have to take a tip out of the grime fashion wardrobe and wear a cardigan. Hey blud I’m not trying to be urban, I’m just a bruv trying to get through the day. You get me?

Last night I had dinner with The Cardinal at The Star at the end of my street. Philippa told me so many hilarious stories I might as just write XXCENSOREDXX across the whole page today. My favourite one was about someone else and their website. She was saying XXCENSOREDXX probably checks their stats every day across every search engine and plots little graphs. I was already snorting with laughter. “They probably have the ‘XXCENSOREDXX performance graph’ for Yahoo and another one for Ask Jeeves even.” I wonder if they check Wikipedia for themselves yet? Later on in bed I have to say I was thinking – actually I don’t think XXCENSOREDXX is all that bad… Perhaps Philippa was using XXCENSOREDXX as an alegory for me! FYI I’m not on Wikipedia yet except as a release on the Rephlex page. Anyway the conversation had turned to graphs because Philippa and I both have to make a lot of shit in Excel for our respective jobs. She explained to me how to do this split table thing I never got the hang of. Sad but true. The two hottest babes on the border between Kentish Town and Archway spending their night together bitch about people who don’t know how to use the Microsoft Office programs.

Check this out – the Dutch version:

Shit – I gotta go and change outfits. I’m already too hot in this dress I’m wearing. Our maybe it is all the sexy Excel talk getting me hot under the collar.

xx Lektrogirl

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