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April 15, 2010


So banging on about Kings of Pastry again but can’t resist because now I have found out that the duo that made this movieĀ  – D A Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus – also shot another one of my favourite documentaries from my teenage years – 101 Depeche Mode. In the Depeche Mode documentary fans are picked out from a club to tour along in their own bus and follow Depeche Mode around the States. There is parts of DM live [obvs - and yes I used to wear white Levis, Doc Martins and Enjoy California t-shirts or with crying Virgin Mary's on them], the band behind the scenes and the fans all fighting, getting drunk or being total annoying fucktards. As you can well imagine.

And btw kingsofpastry.com

Now, it has been a while since I have presented you will a video like the one I am going to post. That’s right folks I am back on the Cyst Videos. This one I don’t think is really magnificent in a gross out way to look at – what I find so interesting is how INTO IT the whole family are around the kitchen table digging into this guy’s back saying stuff like “i’m so happy right now” and “yeah the iPod is better – it has better colour”. Saying that the visuals aren’t that bad – still watch out. I just had my morning coffee and had to take myself to the kittens to stop thinking about it for a minute.

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