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May 11, 2011


Even though today I have to go to the doctor again, tonight I am making a fancy dinner from the Mark Hix seasonal cookbook. Of course ignoring all the seasons and changing all the recipes because neither of us like offal. What is very interesting though is there are many examples throughout the book of different cuts or “fish offal” I never knew about – like cod have tongues you can eat! Who knew!!?? [Its not really the tongue but a cut from near there.] You can also eat their cheeks!

Between you and me I thought Mark Hix was a bit of a prick – not because I ever met him but because he charges £1.50 for a little bowl of twiglets as bar snacks if you just have cocktails and no food. [His restaurant Hix is just down the road from my office.] Now I suspect he is just frugal. He knows how to knock the goodness out of every piece of a fish. See here for example. I never tried those recipes so cant say anything but they don’t look too hard.

He also makes a good environmental point about fish – if you are gonna eat it, dont throw half of it away.

Also, when you go buying his book don’t say to the shop keeper “He isnt a really good looking bloke is he?” because it will turn out the shop keeper is his mate. As happened to me. Ooops.

February 15, 2010


Velouté d’oseille [sorrel soup], bonbon de Fois gras, petit croutons

Pavé de Lieu jaune [Place] ca vapeur d’algues choucroute [seaweed choucroute], beurre blanc au champagne

Clafoutis Poires [pear]

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