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February 12, 2008


In between the usual DIY – I just took off the kitchen door [my trail of change is spreading further through the house] and scrabbling on the floor painting skirting boards – I learnt you can check webcams on Google maps.

I really want to go here on my holiday…

Well that is how it looks today. Here is the link to the live webcam page. Check back in a week or two to see how it looks then.

Webcam webcam camping les galets - Europe, France, Tatzó d'Avall

But even I was sent there by someone else on holiday, I would still be a very happy girl. Last night with Cardinal and Pickles, I went round to Venom’s house for dinner. I made the starter, Venom did the mains and Cardinal took care of dessert.

I made a selection of ‘Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls’. Basically it was the same concept with various fillings cause as I learnt Jews don’t eat prawns cause they are pigs of the ocean and eat shit etc.

This is Venom’s dish. It was delicious. Oh and I forgot to photograph the salsa he made for nibbles – it was one of the best I ate.

This is Cardinal’s Cheesecake. She makes the best cakes ever on earth – except for the ones my Mum makes. This cheesecake was perfect in every way. Except the little crack on the side. But we ate the evidence.

I have a hilarious video of Venom telling a story about the girl who gave him the best blow jobs ever that involves some dating website pre Friendster but I have been banned from allowing it to ever surface on the internet. I was watching it this morning in anticipation of YouTubing it laughing my head off, but that was previous to the email ban I received. Boo hoo.

We also briefly discussed the Hamas controlling the Gaza Strip – I watched that show the other night ‘Inside the Hamas’ and I found it really interesting. Not cause I was anyone’s side – just that I am totally pig ignorant about political issues and at last I finally understood a little bit about the different crews battling it out on the Gaza strip. In my brief synopsis of the show which ended with “And now the Hamas are just in there hitting people with big sticks. It seems wrong.” Pickles just looked at me and said I should have a political column in a newspaper.

In other news, Fat Pat ‘Tops Drop’ is the most played track on my iTunes.

xx Lektrogirl

February 5, 2008


So I just ate a muffin with the Confiture de Châtaigne I brought back from Paris ages ago from the little place at the back of the market who’s name I forget right now quite shittily. Châtaigne are sweet chestnuts. I just had an online conversation with Deano about The Wombles and did they eat chestnuts. I felt really guilty for getting him involved in such a twee and ridiculous conversation when I don’t care so much anyway. The confiture however – is INCREDIBLE.

We also had a brief conversation about T2 – he sent me the link for this:

I don’t think he will be spinning it any time soon. Nor me. I liked Heartbroken.

It says in the description for ‘Gonna Be Mine’ that the two girls, Addictive are 20 and 21. I don’t believe it. One of them looks as old as me. The one with the silver boob tube. The thing I like about this kind of music is that 1] it is a distraction from wanting to go back to the kitchen and eat another muffin and 2] it kind of reminds me of 2Unlimited except for 2008 – like after it got rung through the drawers of like 50 Cent after he sweated it out on stage doing ‘In Da Club’ or something. I remember when Pure Groove was the UK Garage shop in North London instead of the white leather belt hipster zone that is is today and being on a train with EDMX and Nick from Rephlex making jokes about speed garage. If I was still in pleasant conversation with Nick, that must have been years ago. [Long before I claimed the mechanicals due to me from the company which didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.]

See another 5 minutes have passed and I didn’t eat more confiture.

Here is another blast from the past. Nervous Stephen gave this to me for my birthday one year. Well from the message on the back I guess he missed my birthday by a week. I found this and decided to put it on the wall again. I used to date Stephen you know [also a long time ago].

This picture is another birthday picture. I picked it up in Hamburg last time I was there and I will frame it and put it somewhere in the house. I used to have a framed mirror printed with Rocky on it above the toilet but it used to put all the guys off peeing so I had to move it. I won’t put this in the loo OR in the bedroom I guess.

Behind this postcard is part of a Paperrad silkscreen that is meant to be cut into business cards for some art fair in Miami. I love it so much cause Dracula is on his lap top. That is the best part. The postcard in front is the best postcard and piece of New Media Art ever. I bought it on Tottenham Court Road.

Of all the more interesting things I could post on Gumtree, I was considering posting a wanted ad for a 160cm square piece of vintage floor vinyl or set of Dalsouple rubber tiles. [That is only 5 tiles!] It is for my bathroom. If anyone has anything like that, let me know. Or if you have a link to a website for a dealer specialising in vintage floor vinyl please give it up!

xx Lektrogirl

January 28, 2008


I didn’t dream about food last night, but rather the start of a relationship with in inappropriate man. However while painting over the weekend, I did spend a lot of time thinking about restaurants I have eaten at around the world. One of my top dinners was at this place in New York called Doyers. It is a Vietnamese restaurant on the edge of Chinatown. In fact, down a side street, round a smaller street off that and then down an alleyway. It isn’t the most pleasant looking area and the streets, after a busy day of market trading were really stinky. Standing at the top of the stair case, I did have second thoughts about going into this basement restaurant cause I really had no clue what it would be like and with jet lag I wasn’t feeling super brave.

BUT WOW I WAS SO GLAD I MADE IT! There are 100’s of items on the menu – so what to choose?! There was mountainous plate after plate of food going past us to the tables of other diners and I was trying to match up what I saw with the menu in front of me. I was there with Paul – he tried to order the Vietnamese vegetarian crepes but we were there late and they wouldn’t turn the griddle on. Instead we tried the fried Spring Rolls that came with a salad and massive garnish of mint. I had a green papaya and shrimp salad – shredded papaya and halved shrimps topped with mint, coriander and peanuts – enough for three as a starter. We drank beer and Vietnamese coffee and moved onto tasting a Vietnamese sour soup. It is a thin vegetable soup with tamarind, pineapple, bean sprouts, tomato and oriental mushrooms. I ordered tender diced beef, stir fried with onion and served tons of watercress. The beef came with a special dipping sauce made of lemon and pepper. Even though I was already stuffed full it was one of those dishes where I couldn’t stop picking at the plate. We had way too much food but all of it was so fresh and clean tasting. Our whole bill came to $30 and was worth every cent.

If you like Vietnamese food go here. If you like adventures go here. If you want an I LOVE NY tshirt get at fake one from the depths of Chinatown for $3 – don’t get sucked in and buy one from Little Italy, just one block away- they are $14.99 there and then you can spend the money you save on an extra course at Doyers.

Oh and here’s a map cause you are gonna need it.

DOYERS VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT 11 Doyers Street (Chinatown), Manhattan, NY 10013 +1 (212) 693-0725

xx Lektrogirl

December 20, 2007


Today I got sunburnt stringing up lights in the greengage and apple trees in the front garden. It was 27 degrees today with a really hot wind. I forgot about a hot wind and hot sun together. Pretty awesome. But I have pink arms now and pink cheeks. I’m going to be all freckly when I get back to London. Hopefully I will meet a man one day who thinks that is cute on someone my age. Anyway – the Christmas lights are now growing and nearly finished. I have some rope lights to put up and some more fairy lights for the front window. I was going to put the rope lights around the front door but their lead is too thick and I can’t close the door properly. So that scuppered that plan. However Hobart is still the kind of place you can leave doors and windows open when you pop down to the road to pick up the papers from your neighbours house…

Apparently this evening there is going to be electrical storms. Bring it on! We have a corrugated iron roof so it will sound amazing.

Brunch was delicious. The coffee at Jackman and McRoss is INCREDIBLE. If only this place was in London. It would be great for a very casual date. Not for casual sex vibes BTW – but somewhere where you weren’t sure what kind of shoes someone was gonna be wearing to the date and so you weren’t sure if you liked them yet or not. YGM. Kind of like a “pre date see if you want to go on a date with them date”. It would also be one of the places I would take Cardinal. It is 100% total girl gossip vibes place too. I got a text from her this morning saying she was having food and drinks at her house for Christmas. I was really missing her then! I really love my friends.

Later this arvo Mutts and I went to Coles and Kmart for some more lighting essentials [got a light up reindeer for $4!] and I also checked out all the knickers. Mid aisle I was all in a quandry. I mean – I buy all the fancy bras – and therefor the assumtion is I get the matching underwear. I have discussed this before on my blog – so sorry to go on – BUT now I am wondering if I am failing as a person for not having matching underwear and continuing with the mix and match style that I like. I was looking down the aisles really confused. My search to discover myself continues.

Then in Coles, I got stopped by two guys for photographing different food items in store. One had a pierced eyebrow and the other didn’t. It would have been less embarrassing if Mum hadn’t started going on with “She has grown up in this supermarket and I have been shopping here for 30 years” yada yada. They told me that I would have to ask the manager’s permission to take pictures. Mum asked “Is the manager sitting there watching her on CCTV?” and the guy said “No the manager isn’t even here.” I tried to walk off into the potatoes but Mum was there telling them all about the things I take pictures of on my Flickr. Anyway here are some of the offending pictures:

Christmas Hams. Imagine the stomach cramps you would get if you totally stuffed yourself on these one after the other.

Dog Roll.

Kabana. Phallic. Amazing.

Anyway just for your information the photographing of all items in Coles is stricly prohibited. It makes me hate on Coles a little bit now. Anyway – gtg – I can overhear an interesting news piece on taxi drivers who rip off disabled kids by taking the long route home.

xx Lektrogirl

December 19, 2007


So this morning I’ve talked Mum into going to Jackman and McRoss for brunch. I really need a decent coffee. Maybe that is why I have a hideous headache today or the fact that I am getting work emails cc’d to my personal address.

Yesterday, I went round to the home to have a Christmas lunch with Dad, his friend Max and a University Student called Ian who goes round and visits Dad once a week to play Chess with him. Here is Dad at the end of the lunch with the table cloth on his head dressed as the Spirit of Christmas.

I had asked Alex T to come as well mid text chat – he was in Shoreditch House and I was on Clarendon Street – but unfortunately he couldn’t make it. Ergh saying ‘text chat’ sounds dirty, but I mean it literally – not as in text BABE to 85678 to speak with girls ready for dogging in your area.

Then my Auntie Diane came over and with Mum, we went to this Spanish Tapas place in Battery Point. The tortilla was amazing. They had whitebait. I had prawns. They were really nice. They made me think of all the eating I did with Ramiro in Spain. The food there was SO amazing. A shame is girlfriend hates me so much cause I would love to go back there. LOL.

And while Mum ran and got me nails and ladders when required, Auntie Diane sucked on a cigarette giving directions, I climbed all over the front of the house hanging icicle lights from the shitty veranda, taping lights in the windows of the front of the house and hanging light up bells too. It was amazing. I only have used approximately 800 lights in the display so far. Well it needs some more grunt definitely in the display but no-one else in the adjacent houses has any display at all. So Clarendon Street and Tower Road – IT’S OFFICIAL!! Step up your game.

There is a lot of rain and thunder right at this very second but it is going to be 27 degrees today. I’m surprised my over cautious mother is even allowing me to be connected to the internet right now in case I get an electric shock. LOL. I’m being serious.

And OMG – went into Harris Scarf yesterday and saw a store full of the most giant, ugly, cake tin sized bras ever!! Unbelieveable.

xx Lektrogirl

December 16, 2007


My plane to Australia got cancelled! H.M.L. !!! But we all have to stay in a Premier Inn til tomorrow for the next flight. Roxy said I can try and lengthen my trip if need be. So ace. Then I was at the buffet trying to gag down some food. It was really fucking bad. Manara already challenged me to take great pics for my flickr but ones of my minge don’t count.

So I took one of hers instead. In the middle of me seafood rice was a screwed up tight little furry mussel I pulled out and started snapping with my camera. These two Asian dudes in plastic gloves and messy aprons came over asking me if everything was okay and if there was a problem with my food. I looked at them like they were retards and said “Have you guys heard of flickr? I’m on holiday” They apologised and left me but kept staring. I couldn’t eat any more. The food was revolting. So i went up to them and showed them the picture and said “don’t worry guys, this is for my friend Sara. I’m sending it to her cause it looks like her minge.” The Chinese Asian knew what I meant. The Indian one didn’t. LOL.

xx Lektrogirl

November 28, 2007


Last night I went around to Cardinals armed with Migros Rosti and 2 MASSIVE pork swords of Swiss Olma Bratwurst.

You will not believe HOW HYPED we are to be going to Hamburg that we even eat Swiss food to pretend to be German. Cardinal is even luckier though – she is off to Munich for a couple of days earlier!

And here we are totally vibing. I brought one of my vintage souvenier scarves along to help the spirit.

Our first hurdle… Cardinal realised that the jar of sauerkraut she has in the back of her cupboard for yonks is almost impossible to open. I send her over the road to the pub she never visits to ask one of the fella’s in there. Apparently, it wasn’t until a woman offered that the jar was actually opened but she had to bang it on the floor first.

Our dinner. I was so stuffed after we ate it. Sorry to all the nations we may have offended to make that meal but we had a GREEEAAAATTT time!!

xx Lektrogirl

November 1, 2007


Cardinal and I taste tested her local pub The Lord Stanley last night instead of dressing up and getting drunk at The Real Gold party. I wonder how it went? I wanted to go as a tattooed bearded lady from the Freak Circus. And wear my “new million dollar boots” boots.

From the dayglo colours of our food, I wonder if the chef was even getting a bit in the spirit of Halloween? It is a nice pub though with a high level of good looking men who look like they have interesting lives. Unlike the St John on Junction Road where the half done roast potatoes gave both Philippa and I serious stomach problems. [Never Go Back...]

As we walked in the general direction of home from The Lord Stanley, we bumped into these beauties waiting for the 390 bus.

One of them is called X lady lippy X.

I walked all the way home and after passing through the assualt course of teenage boys with Scream masks and baseball bats, boys dressed in Reebok tracksuits letting off fireworks and the odd “sexy witch” I bumped into all these girls again at the mini mart over the road from Tufnell Park tube station whooping it up with the bottle of Smirnoff Ice and Cherry Lambrini. What a party!

Here is my Halloween song dedicated to the North London Girls who were out on the lash night:

And I hope the Lord can save you all this morning like it saved Cliff Richard.

And when I become a better lesbian than I already am [I only scored a 12 on the Lesbian test on Facebook!!! NOT GOOD] I’m gonna get really drunk and dance around to this song – this is going to be MY SONG…

I didn’t even know it until today!

xx Lektrogirl

August 2, 2007


OMG tonight was JoJo’s going away party before her maternity leave at work and Katharine took us all to dinner at Julie’s in Nottinghill Gate. It is such a lovely restaurant. I still prefer the food at Arbutus in Soho, but the atmosphere is way sweeter at Julie’s. It is like being in some weird Soho place, but they actually bother to clean the corners in Julie’s. Anyway – the theme was “Kerrrazyyy hair” cause JoJo always does amazing hair with her amazing hair. Katharine turned up to work this morning with an Amy Winehouse!!! Who would effing believe it!!! It looked fucking incredible on Katharine. So beautiful. Katharine did JoJo’s hair herself like Marie Antoinette without a little boat or a bird to put in it. It was incredible – like Marge Simpson hair. Chorley was still there today finishing off the work he started. I think he would have preferred to get his hair done too. Tomorrow morning, the whole office is off to Portobello to go shopping. I am off to the office to finish the VAT return so I can play East Coast Rap at full blast and not offend anyone with all the “fucks”. The other day Cissi totally spazzed out with the computer fucking in her face while she was trying to work.

Sara from Faggatronix has been totally all over my Flickr. But I think she is the funniest girl in London, other than yours truly. She mentioned she is working near Trader Vics. Sara – please can we go there together? – with other people too if you want – cause I don’t want you to think I’m some weirdo Licker Lemon which isnt too far form the truth, but I hope you would bring Bok Bok and his nose bleeds cause I want to look at it up close. Like he is Bruce Willis in Die Hard only a lot skinnier and more hair. And you and me Sara can talk about R. Kelly without anyone to butt in and tell us that ALLEGED story about the piss again. *YAWN*

I actually have some great news regarding a certain situation in my life. I told the girls in the studio this morning and they were pissing their pants. JoJo nearly gave birth early. I need a few more days to think about posting it. But it is the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me.

More later – I have pics of the whole meal from Julie’s which I want to post so Philippa and Chorley can see.

xx Lektrogirl

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