Hello! Bonjour! Willkommen!

June 24, 2010


On the way to work I bumped into Jess who told me excitedly from over the road “Go and look in the fridge!”

When I got there, I did. First I read the card which was from a guy at the IT company we use at work with the nicest things after a shit week at work. Then I looked deeper into the fridge and actually saw what had been sent! The most hilarious and amazing thing ever. All the fruit skewered into a head of lettuce! What is it with me and fruit? The most romantic present I ever got from a guy actually was an orange. He wasn’t rich and he just pulled it from his fruit basket on the way over. I kept the orange for a long time. [Tossed it as soon as I tossed him.] Anyway  I pulled the fruit bouquet out and put it on the side for everyone to see.

Then I snuck off into the bosses office, sat on the floor and howled.

After I had a massive meeting about the direction of the business with accountants. I felt good.

And now I am going to get ready for France.

Au revoir!

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