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January 10, 2009


I saw this Cardinal and now I’m late. But I had a good laugh. And you probably just had another glass of wine without me. See you in a minute. The canelles were a fucking disaster. New oven needed. They were perfect on the outside, raw in the middle like omelette.

xx Lektrogirl

August 20, 2007


Youtube it. Im on the bus again with my incredible phone so I cant embed something.
Max was really curious when he saw my – i even let him have a go. I have known him for 8 years though so it is totally cool. Not sure how I would feel about anyone else…
Pippa was more interested in the vogue style dance dramatic cunty. What made me think of it again was that totally describes me last night throwing out the last of someones stuff into the rainy street and slamming the door in their face. Then the 38 missed calls on their phone cause they ‘had it on silent’ and me being like Will Ferrell in Blades Of Glory all over their voice mail. god I’m snorting with laughter as I write this. So dramatic cunty. It has all blown over now though. Safe blud. Besides I haven’t got Jammer’s number yet.

Lektrolab are going to be selling off loads of extra equipment we don’t have the storage for – Speak and Spells (we have a gang of them untouched and excellent for circuitbending), a little family of Gameboys (even a nice black one) perfect for LSDJ and 20 flash carts at the moment blank but I think Paul will contact Johan and use the eprom to put LSDJ on them all. Also I’m selling my EnsoniqSQ80 it has the instruction manual and 4 carts a load of sound CD’s… I shed a bit of a tear over that… But I never use it anymore and it is worth a fair bit. If anyone is interested let me know before I put it on Gumtree and have to speak to cunts.

xx Lektrogirl

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