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May 30, 2010


I’M A KILLER from myghanaradio.com

Mboje Kofi, an 18-year-old suspected wizard at the Gnani Witches Camp, near Yendi in the Northern Region, left many in shock when he confessed to using witchcraft to kill people at the age of 10.

According to him, this led to his banishment from Binchera, a farming community in the Nanumba North District at that tender age. He said he has since been living in Gnani with other suspected witches for close to a decade now.

Narrating to DAILY GUIDE reasons for his morbid action, Mboje Kofi claimed he was always verbally abused by a girl he named as Bigneba; but each time he tried beating her up, her relatives protected her.

This, he indicated, hurt him so much that he found it extremely difficult to forgive the little girl and therefore used powers he claimed to have received from another relative to kill her.

He told DAILY GUIDE that relatives of the victim were suspicious that he had a hand in her death and after some spiritual consultations, their fears were confirmed, leading to his banishment and subsequent relocation to the witches’ camp.

The suspected wizard admitted he was rendered powerless after being ostracized, claiming that until then, he used the powers to protect himself.

He revealed that he felt powerless now, especially as he lived under deplorable conditions, but feared if he returned to his village, he would be killed too.

Mboje Kofi’s confession was not different from that of 55-year-old Chacoja Nnogme, who also claimed that he inherited the powers of witchcraft from his late father, which he used to terrorize the residents of Nakpa.

The suspect also admitted killing some people, leading to his being chased away from the village and later, complete banishment.

He told DAILY GUIDE he used to fly at night searching for victims, particularly people with whom he had personal scores to settle.

Mr. Chacoja said prior to his banishment, there was an unhealthy competition between him and a colleague whose name he gave as Billaga, over succession.

According to him, Billaga was always amassing a lot of wealth for himself which he envied so much and therefore killed him with his spiritual powers.

His victim’s relatives, according to him, suspected and fingered him over the death of his colleague and he was dispatched to the camp since its establishment as a witches’ camp.

When asked to give a vivid account of how he flew at night and killed some of his victims, he expressed fear, saying he could not do that without mentioning the names of the spirits that aided him.

He indicated that once he had been rendered powerless, if he dared mention the names, he would be struck dead, pleading with DAILY GUIDE to leave the matter at that point.

Mr. Chacoja is currently a peasant farmer in the camp, and during the wet season, he produces charcoal for sale in the lean season.

The chief fetish priest of the Gnani Camp, Alhassan Shei, who took DAILY GUIDE round the place, said the suspects, after being rendered powerless, preferred to stay at the camp, for fear of being lynched in their communities.

He said various items used for the witchcraft, including amulets soaked in human blood, were retrieved from most of the suspects after the purification exercise.

Mr. Alhassan said all inmates had been cleansed of witchcraft and were no longer harmful to society, but was worried about the increasing numbers at the camp.

To this end, he appealed to National Commission on Civic Education (NCCE) and Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to embark on a sensitization drive to enable the inmates to reunite with their families.

There are about 10,000 women in various witches’ camps in northern Ghana who are living under deplorable conditions.

Several attempts by human rights activists and organizations to have these camps closed down have not yielded any positive response, but analysts say sustained public education is the antidote to the abolition of this long-term outmoded cultural practice.

And seriously, there are alleged witches camps in Ghana. http://www.actionaid.org/ghana

On Saturday Dora and I had a long conversation about possible witches and things that happened to her when she was pregnant with Hetti and people trying to put curses on her. She also spent a long time impersonating Chinese people how they talk. Kenji has to see it. He will die laughing.


Like an invincible obsessed fighter I am now learning Twii and Cantonese. I enrolled at Cactus for Cantonese starting in July and Dora is helping me using a Jehovah’s Witness pamphlet she was handed in Twii and English. Now  I can ask such philosophical questions like “What happens to us when we die?” in my best Ashanti language. Unfortunately I will not understand the answer, nor can I explain how it is fate hands me such a random load of dudes to meet via the internet.

The most recent – when he started telling me in detail about the 20 English mushrooms he took before he went to watch Betty Blue and he was getting all warm and lovely and smiling and then was found in a kitchen with his head in his hands saying “Oh Fuck… Oh Fuck… Oh Fuck…” over and over again I couldn’t pull the ripcord quickly enough. Unfortunately it was a pretty good evening until about then and the Venn Diagram looked good. But then I found myself sending texts to someone else under the table while the date started to re-enact comedian’s routines actually getting up from the table and walking across the floor to do it. I feel a bit mean – but definitely not for such a uptight cow like me. Meye den abc mpae ama Onyankopcn atie?

Or maybe something like this is gonna happen in Archway?!

Meye den anya anugye wc asetra mu? I will tell you how – spend the day along Holloway Road going to Le Peche Mignon, then to my secret second hand clothes store to spend £100 on three dresses, two old cotton nighties and two shirts, then to iShake which is a “new” late night “diner” where I had an Oreo Special shake made with SOYA MILK! HEAVEN. Then feeling good I went into town and got an everlasting polish in red and now I feel a million dollars.

April 10, 2010


I don’t feel that much better this afternoon health wise but today Dora and I made some great advances together in the world of technology. I taught her how to send a text message and switch off her predictive text. She watched me rip some .flv files of the Internet and I told her how I am going to make a video tomorrow. Then she asked me all about Berlin which led to asking about being a DJ. Then we spoke about small digital cameras for her eldest son. So we then had a great photo shoot to compare different cameras. [see above] I was asking Dora if she was sure she wanted the dick with testicular cancer in the background and she said “Sure! I want everyone to see all your toys” and we both got to talking to Festus on the phone. And in between all that, she made my house clean as a whistle.

January 23, 2010


Today Dora taught me about baby names in Ghana. I was born on Tuesday so my name is Abena. And if I was a boy, it would have been Kwabena. Then I taught Dora / Afia how to use youtube and we looked at a lot of Christiana Love and Profit Seth videos. I was asking her about the Hiplife videos and she told me “They smoke marjuana these ones.” And then she told me about her son Festus who made a rap demo.

Christiana Love is a pastors wife. She does not dress appropriately for church and she dances like a normal person and not like a pastors wife. Apparently.

I love Kwaku’s voice. And Seth in this video is Profit Seth. And Seth used to be in Dora’s church back in Ghana.

xx Abena

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