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June 7, 2010


On Wednesday last week, or maybe Tuesday, I decided I would go to Paris for the weekend. It was probably the best idea I have ever had because it turned out to be one of the best weekends I have had in a long time. Not only was the weather perfect, my buddies were in good form, flea markets open on the ground before me and the nantes crew sent me and mms of cocktail glasses filled with macarons saying “we are in Paris”. Woohoo, I was too!


Tomato salad and olive oil & vanilla ice cream in the background there.

My favourite breakfast at L’Estaminet. After brekki there I FINALLY got to go to IMAGES & PORTRAITS the found photo shop on the corner of the Marché des Enfants Rouges and GO IN and wasn’t shooed away by the rudest man on earth.  AND I BOUGHT STUFF. All vintage black and white I got a weird nudie pic with a girl wearing a mask flashing her stained knickers, a pic of two men who had shot a deer in their garage and one looks like a lunatic, a family having a picnic in the ‘5o’s and look like total nutters, a pair of something I can’t tell you because they are a present for someone and a really nice picture of the silhouettes of the backs of some peoples heads looking at a flying helicopter. That last one is really my favourite best. It reminds me of the end of the world and is very sad and weird. A bit how I imagine some kind of flashforward. OH and a line of men on a stage that look like scientists holding number cards. So as you can imagine, a small fortune was parted with in the name of home beautiful. It is a shame the man who has the framing shop at the end of my street isnt such a lush because I would feel much better taking them all to him rather than relying on HABITAT.


Here we are outside Pierrot’s. That Heinekin glass is actually a gin and tonic. Yes. You read right.

Then please note the vodka bottle combined with the gin from earlier on and imagine the headache I had wandering around Paris on a boiling hot day in the Marais at a giant flea market there. Couldn’t have been happier, except for the head.

Goon’s face says it all really.


Here is Goon and Vincent about to start re-enacting their favourite scene from Brokeback Mountain at a picnic on the banks of the Seine before we tucked in to take away tarts from Tartes Kluger.

Later that night we watched a man standing in a tunnel on his own with his back to us. We weren’t sure if he was pissing, tripping, asleep against the wall, wanking… except he was motionless. On a closer inspection, he had been standing there for ages texting.

After that we wandered around and had quite delicious Mojitos in the warm night. Too good.


It is easy to see why Parisian women get their reputation.


Oh Didier…



What exactly have you and Nathalie done to me from your patisserie Pain de Sucre?

At the Parc de Vilatte there was some big festival thing. As Goon said giving me directions “Follow the hipsters”. A SEA of hot hot hot French men sitting around on the grass, looking casual and hot and curly haired and beautiful. And the most delicately flavoured cakes of my life.

I’m gonna skip the part about getting back and hitting my head on the taxi and crying all the way home, having to call Cards because I thought I lost my keys, spreading my entire suitcase across the pavement while Hobart who had been home alone for days meowed frantically trying to get closer through the window and then getting a cold because that would just ruin A PERFECT WEEKEND AWAY!

November 10, 2009


Sorry about that – I’ve have been off the radar!

But, I went to a big gay sweatbox on the weekend with some friends and found myself in the middle of the dancefloor after giving birth to Ed Hardy next to a guy in an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt and three girls with a bottle of poppers. Spiritual moment of Mare Street and I find myself reborn.

The old me was in a terrible shape. I was a caterpillar of duvet and Namelesses old hoodie he got from the guy who ended up sleeping with his ex even though he said “Bros before hoes”. I was watching endless cop shows nourished by cups of tea and phonecalls from my lady friends who wanted to see me through a dark patch.

The Italian, after coming over on Friday night and leaving me with a kiss and a see you later love and feeling all happy in my stomach, sent me a text on Tuesday saying “I don’t need a new job, a girlfriend and friends take months even years. Please do me a favour and give me a break.”

  • He was calling me asking me how to teach him something.
  • I had already told him twice “I’m not looking for a boyfriend right now” [meaning HIM in particular but hanging out and being friends with him was super fun, though he didn't know that directly.]
  • And I have known this guy for about 2 years.

Then AIR PIE from him for the whole week after trying to find out WTF that was all about!

My cleaner Dora settled me down to a few home truths:

  • You dress like an African woman.
  • God took this man out of your life because you have everything – a house, a job, a computer, the internet, money, your things, friends, you are a nice person – and all you need is someone to love and care for you. He is too stupid to even do that so God took him out of your life.
  • You need to have more fun. Look at your friends [meaning The Cardinal cause she goes round there too.] She always is having fun. I see all the wine glasses. You need to have fun.
  • The man you are looking for is out there searching for you.

Then the two coolest people in Paris arrived.

Hobart unfortunately turned into a shit machine all weekend. Unbelievable.

xx Lektrogirl

September 17, 2009


Goon & Koyote – Wellness Is Wild (Dre Skull remix) from FullDawa on Vimeo.

Prod : FullDawa .

Année : 2009 .

Réal : Sébastien Praznoczy

Here is a video for some awesome dudes from Paris.


July 9, 2008



Les légendaires Goon & Koyote viennent de sortir leur maxi “Wellness Is Wild” et il faut que vous l’achetiez immédiatement bande d’enfoirés immatures. Sachez qu’en plus de faire de la super bonne dance-music, les deux faux-jumeaux sont aussi les mecs les plus cool de la terre. On leur a demandé pourquoi ils avaient légèrement changé de style musical, des fois que ça ait à voir avec leur consommation de nourriture bio et de cigares.

C’est la première partie de l’interview, la seconde arrivera dans la fin de semaine. KEEP DANCIN.

Salut les mecs, comment ça va ?

Goon: Ça va super. En fait c’est un peu relou pour moi, je suis en train de déménager en ce moment. C’est à dire que je me déplace entre les cartons, les tuyaux et le plâtre et que cet enfoiré de Koyote ne vient même pas m’aider. D’ailleurs je compte le solliciter très prochainement.

Koyote: Mouais, c’est quand même loin d’être sûr que je me déplace.

Votre maxi est sorti lundi dernier. J’ai ouïe dire que ça marchait très bien.

Koyote: Oui, on en a vendu 3. Non c’est pas vrai, en fait on a même été numéro 1 electro sur iTunes Store la semaine dernière. C’est cool, même si je pense qu’on a du retomber dans les profondeurs du classement depuis.

Goon: Le truc c’est que le maxi a buzzé grâce à la grosse promo qu’on a faite un peu avant la sortie, mais là ça s’est un peu calmé c’est vrai.

Koyote: C’est un maxi composé de trois titres à nous, et de deux remixes. Le titre principal c’est un vrai gros morceau deep-house à l’ancienne. Pour les remixes, c’est nos potes Dre Skull de New York et Dikulous de Londres, parce qu’ils ne nous ont pas demandé d’argent. Dikulous, c’est un des pseudos de Dj Guy en fait, qui est pour nous le meilleur dj Booty européen.

Quand on vous voit, on dirait vraiment un vrai couple avec ses petites habitudes et ses petites gueulantes. Comment votre histoire d’A a t-elle commencé ?

Koyote: On s’est rencontré en 2002 sur un forum ghettotech, ça a été le coup de foudre. C’était l’époque de l’internet 0.9, personne ne parlait de booty en France, c’était le gouffre.

Goon: Sur ce forum on était trois français et on s’est rencontrés en s’envoyant des mails pour finalement se rendre compte qu’on habitait à 10 minutes l’un de l’autre. On a fait des trucs tous les trois ensemble à une époque, mais depuis on a coupé les ponts avec Ice Kid.

Votre musique a beaucoup évolué et s’est adoucie ces derniers temps. Vous n’avez pas peur d’être devenus “matures” ?

Koyote: Matures, nous ? Ouais voilà, on est vachement matures ahah. C’est le mot le moins fait pour parler de notre musique je crois. On est immatures mec. Après je comprends que les gens qui nous ont connus il y a trois ans à l’époque de nos soirées Diamond Grills soient un peu désorientées aujourd’hui. À l’époque, on mixait vraiment que de la booty, donc on est vite devenu “les dj’s booty parisiens” et ça nous a soûlé. Donc on s’est mis à mélanger nos sets puis à mixer de plus en plus de trucs différents. Mais de là à être matures, je ne crois pas non.

Vous mixiez booty avant la grande explosion du truc sur internet. En fait, je ne sais même plus depuis combien de temps vous êtes là…

Goon: Je crois qu’en France, c’est le passage de Disco D au Nouveau-Casino qui a déclenché l’engouement pour la dance music du ghetto, en 2003. Mais nous, on mixait de la ghetto-tech déjà bien avant l’apparition des blogs héhé.

Koyote: En ce qui me concerne, je mixe de la booty depuis 97-98. J’ai vraiment découvert ça à l’époque sur Radio Sauvagine quand j’habitais à Bordeaux. À l’époque ils passaient en boucle un mix de Dj Funk, et moi qui écoutait plein de techno de Detroit, j’ai pris une énorme claque. Et j’ai compris que tous les artistes de cette scène ghetto-house connaissaient aussi les dj’s techno que j’adorais. Je me suis dit “bingo, je ne vais mixer que ça maintenant”.

: Moi c’était quand j’habitais à Rennes en 99 et un pote de l’époque collectionnait tous les maxis du label Dance Mania. J’ai directement trouvé que tous ces trucs tuaient.

C’est quoi le truc qui vous a fait dire : “OK on va être dj’s booty et pas autre chose” ?

Koyote: C’est les paroles de cul. C’est le cul qui nous anime tu sais.

Goon: C’est le côté immédiat des morceaux, les morceaux partent directement et sont plus dansables que n’importe quelle autre musique. On aimait aussi le fait que cette musique reprennent plein d’éléments du hiphop et du funk, puisqu’on en écoute beaucoup.

Koyote: C’est aussi le côté hyper rythmique de cette musique qui nous a poussé à ne faire que ça. Les tomes des 808 et 909, ça nous rend oufs. Un peu comme la house tribale tu vois ? Je suis un grand fan de house tribale, Antoine Clamaran tout ça… Il faut que tu le dises.

Et tout votre délire Miami bass, Latin freestyle, c’est venu après non ?

Goon: Ce sont toutes les mixtapes des mecs de Detroit qui nous ont introduit à ces sous-genres. Le fait de tout mélanger dans leurs mixs nous a servi pour nous documenter sur ces musiques un peu obscures.

Koyote: En fait il faut savoir que ce qu’on appelle “booty”, c’est un mélange de trois musiques distinctes : la ghetto-tech de Detroit, la ghetto-house de Chicago et la Miami Bass. À Detroit, les mecs mixent toutes ces musiques ensemble.

Goon: Ce que les médias ont appelé “ghetto-tech”, c’est une manière de mixer en fait. C’est ces mecs de Detroit qui mixent les morceaux rapidement et avec un tempo accéléré. Ils prennent un morceau de Freestyle des années 80 assez soft et vont le transformer en truc beaucoup plus violent.

Le fait d’avoir été catégorisé comme “les dj’s booty de Paris”, ça vous a bien soûlé on dirait…

Koyote: Oui c’est clair, c’est vraiment un truc qui nous emmerde. On se considère plus du tout comme les mecs qui ne passent que des trucs ghettos dans leurs soirées. C’est pour ça qu’on a complètement changé nos sets et que l’on passe beaucoup plus de house et techno classique. Et pas mal de rave du début des années 90 aussi. Maintenant, de tous les trucs ghetto que l’on jouait avant, on ne passe plus que de la Juke en fait. C’est de la ghetto-house actuelle, avec un tempo très rapide. C’est le truc le plus intéressant en booty à l’heure actuelle, des mecs comme Dj Nehpets, ou Dj Rahsaan défoncent.

De toutes façons, la vision des gens à propos du délire “booty” a changé.

Koyote: Ouais maintenant, le truc a tellement évolué que tout le monde sait ce que qu’est la ghetto-tech, même les meufs savent directement reconnaître un morceau booty. À la limite, c’est trop populaire à présent, ça a perdu tout son côté nouveau tu vois.

Goon: Et puis plein d’autres artistes, style Crookers, ont vachement assimilé cette musique. C’est plus la peine de faire ce que les autres font maintenant. On voulait faire quelque chose de différent, pour lequel on était pas réputés. On a digéré la musique ghetto.

Koyote: On est matures tu vois !

Goon: On entre dans une deuxième phase.

Ah, la French Touch 3.0 ?

Goon: 4.0 en fait pour être précis. Soyez prêts Paris, l’Europe, le Monde, en 2012 on sera là.

You can find the interview with pictures here on the French Vice site.

July 1, 2008


Finally my friends Goon and Koyote have their first EP released and I am well excited – not only because I find the cover artwork extremely arousing [and it was my desktop image on my work laptop for a loooong time] but because I LOVE these tracks.

Oh and the classic Goon quote from the birthday party in Hamburg last year listening to Philippa, Pip, Manara and I natter away like girls is “What is ’stiffy’?”

1st EP “Wellness is wild” (DIGITAL ONLY)

1/Keep Dancin’
2/Pussy Out
3/Wellness Is Wild
4/Wellness Is Wild – Dre Skull Mix
5/Wellness Is Wild – Dikulous’ Zulu Mix

Disponible sur
iTunes | Virgin Mega | Fnac Music


February 6, 2008


I heard from DJ Goon today who is also working on plumbing and painting in his Paris apartment. I’m obsessed with the tiles in his kitchen. He sent me some links, on of them was to Rye Rye who is doing some rapping on one of their tracks soon.

Hey and listen to M.I.A. when they performed together

And here is some more UK talent – the fastest rapper in the UK [apparently]V Double O:

Maybe he just wants go get through his bars real quick?
Strike a pose like the “Vogue” when it plays on the Ra D I O, so lets just
Roll around the city playing all my tracks loud
I don’t wanna see nobody being false
Anybody wanna bring it? You can act out
Hit em with the triple team like “Waltz”
Kick a rhythm and I’m bringing in the drama, sick of people telling me about the La La
Everytime I spit upon a track I spit harder, make your body wiggle like you wanna “Lambada”

For example.

xx Lektrogirl

January 9, 2008


Saw a photographer friend yesterday who has super smart new hair. He looked incredible. He showed me a website: Cute Overload. Totally cute!! But I have to say I was very surprise to NOT be able to find this old Juvenile classic on the site at all. A lot of cuteness there – especially from the “Dick Bandit”. LOL.


Did anyone see the NEW SERIES START OF CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION on Five last night? Oh God! Big news in Little China. Even though large chunks of Sara Sidle wandering around in the desert off her face with dehydration and pain from a broken arm in 40 degree heat was a bit too much like watching a Gorilla’s video – all skinny legs and flared jeans and a monkey’s jaw. And then when tubby Grissom runs over to a body he thinks is hers I wondered how much of him they strap in while in “costume” with the vest thing he has to wear. Almost portly! But at last they caught the Minatures Killer. What a no-one she turned out to be, but I’m sure that isn’t the last we hear about her. I am just sad that I couldn’t make it through another rewind of CSI Miami to witness the new season Law and Order.


Happy Birthday to my dear dear friend Goon. I LOVE YOU!! Have a fabulous day!!!

xx Lektrogirl

September 9, 2007


Today Goon and I are sitting at the stand with our eyes propped open with matchsticks. I’m sure that Katharine and Roxy are probably the same on their plane to New York! I heard them getting up at the hotel around 5am this morning. I had only got back from the party about an hour before.

Our stand.

As always it was so cool to see my dog Koyote. And as always he had some beautiful things to say to me. Last time it was he thinks I dance like a German girl. This time he found it hilarous that Paul dumped me twice. Then he was kind of inferring by vibe that I was a salope, [I couldn't deny it outright but would have liked to] and then when I explained that my life has changed he called me a “Retired Slut”. It makes me sound like j’ai une chatte comme les abricots secs.

Connard qui j’adore.

Also, Fanny came and she wore her KH tshirt too! Here is Goon telling you all what to do – send me an email and tell me how you are.

The new E t-shirt is gonna be a big hit guys. Believe dat.

xx Lektrogirl

September 8, 2007

C’EST TROP RUPTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today there were four meufs who where super excited to see all the Katharine Hamnett stuff – They were saying it was really new rave. Then they said “C’est trop RUPTURE!” which means nothing but sounds awesome. Teenie Slang.

Today on the stand was again good for sales – but there is still loads of time for making trouble. Tous les PD’s aiment Goon! Mais il n’y a pas assez des hot straight guys. I made Goon horrified with stories of guys I had slept with who got really small penises. Then YSL’s old boyfriend came to the stand to meet Katharine. He is the president of Fashion or something in France.

Now I am watching Italy play Les Blues le foot with Goon eating ham and cheese sandwiches. Soon we go and meet Koyote and chill at some party. But not too late cause we gotta start the stand at 9am again tomorrow…

xx Lektrogirl.

June 10, 2007


Goon and Guy at some party in Detroit.

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May 20, 2007

Paris pour Le Weekend.

So there I was in Paris with Goon and Koyote who be runnin tangs in their neighbourhood. We were all pretty chill compared to the last time I was in Paris for the Diamond Grills at Le Tryptique. I won’t go into the full story again – but you can read it in my first post on this blog ever – only it was a bit embarressing a few times at this this most recent party. I was getting introduced to people and I was like “Oh great! So nice to meet you!” and these people were like “Errrr I met you last time you were here…”

One person I was sure not to forget is Teki who I love! He is so sexual!!He just has a new single out with Lio [who sang Banana Split in the 80's] We had a special moment together when Jean Nipon was DJing some [euro]Trance. Teki was telling me he loves how positive it is and so romantic. Right at that moment I was feeling the vibe. By then though I was pretty busted. The club was so hot and so sweaty. And these are the toilets:

And then the French wonder why the English have a lot to say about the French hygiene.

So other than to see my friends, I went to see Dance Mania DJ Nephets. It was maximum party zone. See above.

Here is Goon and Nephets. Nephets looks like a big Gingerbread Man.

On Saturday I went shopping. I was in the Lingerie department at Le Printemps and nearly puked all over the Christian Lacroix bras that I found I was so excited. Soon after I realised it was cause I was so hungover. I spent some money on a lot of fancy knickers and went out into the fresh air. I really had a happy happy heart walking along the streets of Paris in the sunshine eating a rose petal flavoured Ladurée macaroon.

This was my breakfast on Sunday morning:

It was in a place at Marché des Enfants Rouges. So it wasn’t cheap – but it was totally phenomenal. That pink stuff in the middle is tomato and ginger soup! I had chestnut jam! Cornichons any day of the week!

After breakfast I got lucky and discovered I never had to think of U2 ever again:

And then soon it was home time. So I got back in my little UFO and headed back to London. J’aime Paris:

But I got let back down gently – my first stop in London was Yautacha for dinner. YUM.

There are a gang more pics on my Flickr btw.

xx Lektrogirl

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