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April 13, 2010


>  ——-Original Message——-
>  From: John Davidson
>  To: Emma Davidson
>  Sent: 11 Apr ‘10 23:42
>  Sorry to hear about yer cold kiddo. It’s the curse of the modern world,
>  no doubt., NOTHING can have as much effect on the humanas a runny, snotty,
>  stinging nodtril cold. Me heart bleeds for you, mateWhen any of the staff
>  come into my abodw sniffling and sneezing I suggest they piss off quick,
>  and take their poxy cold elsewhere.
>  Just waiting for the Dr to call. He will I hope demote me from being a
>  diabetic?
>  Spoke to mutts on the blower yesterday, She sounded quite jolly and on
>  the up. I’m glad to say. Sounded a bit hollow actually. Her voice echord
>  around the empty spaces in her lower body! ONY JOKIN! Don’t tell I saud
>  that, Talkin of empty spaces in a human body, I know where between me ears
>  is. When I saw all those beautifull foods you eat, one can only assome your
>  assole enjoys the better taste of living?
>  Cheers my little mate, looking forward to seeing you again. Cheers to the
>  Racist, Bitchcat. Luv ex yer Pa.XXXX

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