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January 4, 2008


Sitting here waiting for tiles to get delivered isn’t much fun when all the calls and mail to the house so far to day has been for Paul.

So I have started on my bathroom tiling project in anticipation! I need a blade for cutting metal, but I will get one on Saturday.

Then I polished all my wine glasses, all the champagne glasses and all the martini glasses I have and put them in my cocktail cabinet which used to be full of Gameboy Cartridges. I’m procrastinating from sorting my 7″ record collection and getting rid of the ones I don’t want. I feel a bit of a traitor to an old friend, Nervous Stephen when I say that. But times pass. So then to keep myself occupied I have gone back to my second favourite internet occupation after eBay, and that is cruising lingerie online stores. AP still isn’t on sale – which I have to say isn’t much cause I have pretty much everything I want from there already. I really just looking forward to the new stuff. Then I check the figleaves site for the Princesse Tam Tam stuff which is now 70% FYI but I have everything I want from that too. So I finally remembered this website, Insinuate, that Alex Sturrock sent me once that some friend of his runs that has amazing bra’s on it. Alex Sturrock was making jokes about something else when he sent it – I don’t think he realises that I am “the girl with the thing”.

I am loving the Goldie Bra. This is going to be perfect for my bit role in CSI Crime Scene Investigation when I get poisoned in a club or something as a scabby show girl. Another thing I didn’t tell you all is that I had plastic surgery while I was away and this picture is no stolen from the Insinuate website but is actually me. Haven’t the scars healed well. They did a lot of work but it must have been the fresh Tassie air.

The thought of me wearing this actually horrifies me a bit. What I actually like are the wrist cuffs. They would make amazing bracelets to wear with my Marni bag.

Check out this picture with the amazing flesh coloured modesty panel that looks like a pair of grannies tights! LOL! I am loving this though and this would be great to wear – though after getting busted in Paris wearing an open bra when my shirt burst open was pretty embarressing. Advice would be to wear this garment with caution. Like the girls at AP say “this one is more of a bedroom bra…” but stuff that! This is definitely a something to style with acid wash denim.

If you want to check out the whole Insinuate shop, check here.

So doesn’t my life sound like it could possibly be a bit like this – cruising, cocktail glasses and lingerie!

xx Lektrogirl

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