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July 4, 2010


As illustrated by the picture above, I have done the best I can to cleanse myself after two hours of tennis ON BOTH COURTS [or pitches as Madame a calls them], a modern music freestyle performance by Joe, Due and I on trumpet, flute and vocals and then a greasy relax-o-thon spread out on their bedroom floor getting lathered in moisturiser. I put my foot down when the lipstick came out. Just as well as I had to wipe myself with tissues before I could get on the tube and cut a knot out of my hair post braiding.

Our song was pretty spiritual and like a calling to the feral within for all of us. The lyrics are:

Duke… Put your heels on mate! Don’t choke on it! Slipped Wig! Bow tie! Splendour!
Thunder and Lightening, Storm, Australian Delirium!

Which all makes perfect sense if you can keep up with 8 year old twins and a 37 year old who keeps changing her age.

Madame took pictures. I can only imagine. [Check them out on Madame's blog] Oh Christ! Sometimes the two of them amaze me. I was describing a pretty skin crawly scenario that happened to me recently saying to Joe “Can you imagine anything worse?!” and he just said back “Don’t imagine it! It’s real!” [Thanks Joe, rub it in! Truss me systahhh SO REAL.] and Duke over his shoulder while playing Mario Kart “Yes it’s real. Get over it!” [And there was Madame and I snorting into our star etched glasses of Cava courtesy of Mrs Kipling who had vamoosed earlier.]

Next time I go over I might take my 4 track and the three of us can record the session. But I think I will skip the hair treatment. No offence Joe, even though I think a clip on rats tail on the side of my head is a strong look for summer.

December 5, 2009


joe short, originally uploaded by All About Eve Babitz.

One of the many reasons I hang out with the boys for Madame whenever she asks me. I have to say, I wasn’t there when this happened, but how fabulous that Madame recorded the event for all of us to see!

And oh!

More interesting than this woman having a go at the Beyoncé routine is the kid in the background. What is she up to?

xx Lektrogirl

October 19, 2009


Even with the weekend misery, there was plenty of respite

I was hanging out with London’s coolest 7 year old kids who thought I was okay to make pirate maps with, play kerrplunk with, play hide and seek with, try and work my nerves by wrestling after bed time [but I remember the day Roy came into Shop at Maison B and used 'the voice of doom' and I tried it and it worked] and then had breakfast in bed with Pippa the next day.

For more on the lives of the Brooks Lee Jones family, you can always visit here madamesays.com

xx Lektrogirl

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